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Your CBD Store, nationwide CBD chain, opens location in Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS – Grand Forks is now home to a location of the largest chain of brick-and-mortar CBD stores in the United States. Your CBD Store opened in the Plaza 32 strip mall on 32nd Avenue South on Jan. 14, and celebrated its opening with a ribbon-cutting on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

The store carries a variety of products infused with cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive chemical derived from hemp plants, like topical creams and sprays, gummy candy edibles, beauty products and pet treats. While most products are non-psychoactive CBD products, the store also carries some products that contain low doses of THC, the chemical compound in hemp that can cause a high.

The Grand Forks location is owner Matt Yde’s fourth Your CBD Store location. Yde also owns the Your CBD Store locations in Sioux Falls, Fargo and Moorhead.

So far, business in Grand Forks has been good, said Yde.

“We have a lot of customers already,” Yde said. “We’ve done the street fairs and events up here already, and a lot of people from Grand Forks come to our stores in Fargo-Moorhead so we’d been looking at coming up here for the last year.”

He chose to open in the new strip mall in Grand Forks, next to T-Mobile, because of its central location and visibility.

Yde said the quality and sourcing of products sold at Your CBD Store set it apart from other stores that sell CBD in Grand Forks. All the products sold at Your CBD Store are made by SunMed CBD and are formulated by a biochemist and doctor.

“We only sell our own brand of products and we never carry anything else, whereas every other store is typically wholesaling wherever they can find products,” said Yde. “Quality makes a big difference.”

Yde says his customer base is mainly people over the age of 45, looking for ways to help relieve pain, sleep better or relieve anxiety.

“You just want something that naturally can help your system, and that’s kind of what it’s all about,” he said.

Yde was introduced to CBD after having five knee surgeries, but found that tobacco shops selling CBD products had little information on its health benefits. At Your CBD Store, he has a focus on creating a comfortable environment for customers to buy CBD products, educating customers about CBD and breaking down stereotypes about who uses CBD products.

“There’s just so much unknown still,” Yde said. “That’s why I keep opening stores in these markets, because there are so many people that probably have questions.”

Your CBD Store, which sells Sunmed CBD products, celebrated its opening in the new Plaza 32 strip mall on 32nd Avenue South on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

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