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Australia report reveals potential plan to legalize cannabis

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the Australian Parliamentary Budget Office The PBO recently issued a proposal that explores two options for how to approach the legalization of cannabis. He was commissioned to explore what legalization could look like through an application Senator David Shoebridge (described on his Twitter page as “the devilish lettuce father of Australia”) W Australian Green Party (Also referred to as greens).

According to the PBO report, the first option is to create the National Cannabis Agency (CANA), which would act as the sole wholesaler between producers and retailers, set wholesale prices for cannabis, and issue licenses to potential cannabis business owners. Ideally, the agency will be fully funded by the fees required to apply for production and retail licenses.

This option would legalize cannabis for anyone 18 years of age or older, specifically with no restrictions on the amount an individual can purchase. This approach would also result in penalties for selling to underage individuals, similar to how the state manages the sale of alcohol to minors. Recreational cannabis will be available to “overseas visitors,” and residents will be allowed to grow up to six plants. Finally, leisure sales will attract “Goods and Services Tax (GST) plus a 25% tax on sales inclusive of GST.”

The second option contains all the provisions from the first option, except for the final recommendation, which would change the excise tax to 15% instead of 25%.

The report shows that this approach would be similar to Canada’s law on cannabis. In Canada, residents may only grow up to four plants at home, cannot smoke in public, and are limited to possession of 30 grams or less.

The PBO expects the country to be able to collect up to A$28 billion in cannabis tax revenue during the first decade of legalization.

to me New Zealand HeraldSenator Shoebridge suggested that tax revenues could also be used to raise rates previously offered job seekerIt is a government job search service, and raising financial aid provided by the Employment Service Youth allowance. He also noted that cannabis tax revenue could help build more than 88,000 public housing units in the next decade, which could give more than 250,000 people a home.

“This cost of PBO shows the incredible opportunity that legal cannabis provides not only to reduce harm but to generate revenue that can be invested in health, education, and public housing.” Shoebridge said. “The Greens model creates the right for adults to grow up to six plants at home without taxation and without having to pay. This cost takes that into account. It also guarantees the commercial potential for local cooperatives and entrepreneurs to grow and sell cannabis including through regulated cannabis cafes. “.

He also explained that rationing makes sense. “Legal cannabis makes enormous social and economic sense. When we legalize cannabis, we take billions from organized crime, the police and the criminal justice system and can then spend it on schools, housing, hospitals and social support,” Shoebridge said.

He added that legalization reduces harm caused by criminal injustice, and that in general, Polls It revealed that most Australians support and regularly consume cannabis. “It is a fact that nearly half of adult Australians have used cannabis at one time or another. Laws make nearly half of the country’s criminals not pass the pub test.” Shoebridge said. “When you legalize cannabis, you can properly regulate the market, give consistent health and safety advice and make the product safer. Right now, the only ‘safety regulators’ of the cannabis market are PK gangs and organized crime, and that doesn’t make sense.”

Commercial cultivation in Australia could begin as early as July 2023 if the PBO plans are approved, ensuring that supply of cannabis is ahead of demand. Applications for production and retail licenses could begin as early as 2023 or 2024, with sales expected to launch by 2024 or 2025.


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