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How to find legal weed stores that open february 6th in Missouri

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On Monday, February 6, dozens of adult-use legal cannabis stores are expected to open for the first time in Missouri.

How do you find them? Leaf fly makes it easy.

Check out the Leafly Finder To discover all open stores near you. One click locates the nearest locations, hours and deals.

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Want to order online, skip the line, and pick it up at the store? Leafly offers online pickup In most Missouri stores.

Read on for more information about new missouri herbal stores.

yes. Possession became legal for all adults age 21 and over on December 8, 2022.

How much can I legally own?

Adults 21 years of age or older may have up to three ounces of cannabis flower, or the equivalent amount in other products.

Once state-licensed stores open, consumers can purchase up to three ounces per day.

Missouri’s new marijuana law allows all existing medical marijuana dispensaries to convert their medical licenses into “universal” licenses (medical and licenses for adult use).

There are currently 195 medical dispensaries approved for operation in the state of Missouri. Almost all of them are expected to open their sales floor to all customers 21 and older on February 6.

He directed me to some well known stores

So you don’t have any experience with Missouri’s 195 medical dispensaries and don’t know where to start? We are here for you. Here is a short list of some of the most popular stores in the state. All adult use sales are expected to start on February 6th.

Note: Links may be for one store only. ask for advice Leafly Finder To all locations near you.

Darkening of hemp: 5 stores in the St. Louis area

Good day farm: 19 locations at the state level. Grand opening festivities on Monday, February 6, at stores in the Kansas City, Buffalo, and St. Louis Central West End. Free coffee and cake, plus food trucks, Doorbuster deals, and great giveaways.

Luxurious loofah Black x: Missouri’s first women-owned store, located in the city’s south neighborhood of The Grove

from Earth: 5 locations statewide, 3 stores in Kansas City

Missouri Health and Wellness: 4 locations statewide

hemp: an excellent store located in Hermann

St. Louis Cookies: The most famous brand in the cannabis industry is actually in Missouri

3 Fifteen Primo: 4 locations statewide

green light: 11 locations throughout Missouri

Organic treatments: 3 locations available

sunrise: 5 stores statewide

Gene The Dispensary: ​​A store located in St. Louis

thin: 5 locations statewide

Can I smoke hashish in public places?

No. Smoking cannabis in public will be punished with a fine of up to $100, but not arrest.

Can I grow cannabis at home?

Yes, but you need a legal permit. Missouri will require home cannabis growers to have a $100 home card, renewable annually. Applications for house cards will be available, by law, no later than January 8, 2023, and the state will begin processing such applications no later than February 8, 2023.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will handle regulatory duties.

The amendment imposes a one-time fee of $7,000 for the application for a retail cannabis license. Selected applicants must pay an annual fee of $10,000 per retail facility. The license must be renewed every three years, with a renewal fee of $3,000.

How many stores are allowed in the end?

Initially, in February 2023, there may be up to 195 recreational weed stores open in Missouri. (This is the number of existing medical dispensaries, whose licenses would expand to adult sales if the company so chose.)

The new marijuana law does not contain a strict cap on the number of growing, processing and retail licenses issued by government regulators.

However, there is a minimum number of licenses: The state must issue at least as many full cannabis licenses for adult use as there are to medical marijuana growers/processors/retailers as of December 1, 2022.

What does that actually mean? As of July 2022 there were:

  • 191 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries
  • 70 licensed medical cannabis therapists
  • 49 licensed medical marijuana growers

The initiative allows state regulators to exercise their judgment regarding the number of total licenses, within this legal directive: “The [state regulatory department] Any limit on the number of licensees or certification holders may be raised or relaxed in order to meet the demand for marijuana in the state and to ensure a competitive market while preventing excessive concentration of marijuana facilities within the boundaries of any given local government.”


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