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The Washington Commission hears testimony on a bill to allow home cultivation of cannabis

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Lawmakers in Washington state gave public testimony Thursday about a bill that, more than a decade after voters approved legalizing cannabis, would finally allow adults to grow the plant themselves at home.

House Bill 1614, which was heard by the House Committee on Regulated Substances and Games, would allow the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants for personal use by residents 21 and older. A vote on the bill by the committee is scheduled for next week.

Washington was one of the first to legalize cannabis in the country, but its 2012 law did not include provisions for native plants. While most other legal states now allow adults to grow a small number of plants for personal use, Washington lawmakers have rejected several previous efforts to legalize the practice, and it is still classified as a felony.

“The basic premise under this law is that cannabis is a plant, and you can buy products made from it in the store,” Rep. Shelly Klupa (D), HB1614said the main sponsor and co-chair of the Materials and Games Committee before the start of the public testimony. “It seems illegal to make growing at home.”

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