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British police find 6,000 cannabis plants in abandoned tire factory

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British police this week reportedly uncovered thousands of cannabis plants at an abandoned tire factory in what is being called one of the largest weed busts in the region.

British newspaper The Independent mentioned Law enforcement in a quiet Lincolnshire village “breached one of the largest hemp plants ever after discovering 6,000 plants inside an old tire factory – believed to be worth around £6.5m.”

Investigator Richard Nethercote said, “This is one of the largest cannabis we have in Lincolnshire so far and traces the excellent evolution of intelligence”. quote by Lincolnshire World.

“Cannabis production is far from harmless: it is often linked to wider organized crime, which is why tackling the wider issue of drug supply is one of our main priorities. Lincolnshire Police remain determined to crack down on criminal enterprises and remove drugs out of circulation.”

According to the BBC, Three men “between the ages of 28, 38 and 42, all without a fixed address, were taken into custody after the raid”, and the plants were “removed and destroyed”.

He said the raid “took place at a place behind a country village pub at about 8 a.m. on Tuesday.” The Independentwho said that the property was the site of “the Old Kings Head Tire Factory at Hoberts Bridge, near Boston.”

While raiding might be great for Lincolnshire, it falls under the familiar type of story here High timeswhich has scored some of the most bizarre cannabis busts across the pond.

in 2019, We told you about it The 120-year-old Victorian theater in London that was the site of a $51 million marijuana plantation operation.

The authorities there speculated that the growth site had been operating for nearly a decade in the bowels of the old Broadway theatre, built in 1897.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Officers were called to an address following reports of disturbances.”

They discovered a large number of cannabis plants along with equipment used to grow cannabis in an area under residential properties. Three men, aged 28, 45 and 47, and a 36-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis. “They have all been released pending investigation,” the spokesman said at the time.

Two years later, the British were at it again, this time Illegal cultivation is discovered in a 17th century castle In Somerset, located in the south of England.

In the same year, in 2021, there was a huge farm Discover in London’s financial districtwhich was quiet amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions.

Police responded at the time to reports of a strong smell of cannabis in the area.

Andy Spooner, the London detective overseeing the investigation, said at the time. “However, this shows that the City of London Police actively continue to police the Square Mile, and hold accountable for any crime committed here.”

And in the past year, The English village of West Barley provided another example after locals there discovered half a dozen suspicious plants growing in a community garden.

The marijuana plants were hard to miss, as one local resident noted at the time that they were “towering over the bedding plants.”

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