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New California bill would allow cannabis services

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According to KTLA 5New invoice California The legislature could finally allow special events to provide cannabis services. While society has become more accepting of cannabis as a substitute for wine, the California legislature (and, obviously, the feds, who did not declassify cannabis at this time) is often called out for regressive cannabis policies, which do not reflect the will of the people. Finally, however, there could be a step in the right direction, thanks to Assembly Bill 471, which was written by Assemblywoman Ash Carla (de San Jose). Kalra is the first Indian-American to serve in the California State Legislature and previously authored on bills such as AB-2542 (California Racial Justice Act of 2020) and AB 572 (California Free Forest Purchases).

AB471 (which was filed on February 6th and, at the time of writing, is still under review) hopes to change existing cannabis laws by expanding existing language to give licensed restaurants the ability to serve cannabis at special events, just like a wedding venue might hire a vendor. Florist for flowers, caterer and liquor provider. The bill would simply allow commercial cannabis, so you wouldn’t have to hide weed at your wedding but serve it responsibly to guests in the same way you would food or wine.

However, if you like red and green, aka mixing wine and hashish, you’ll have to keep sneaking one or the other or picking sides. Naturally, the bill comes with a lot of rules and restrictions. For one, an area designated for cannabis consumption should be limited to people 21 or older. And no, a caterer cannot serve alcoholic beverages. Additionally, the cannabis caterer cannot sponsor, advertise, or host the event (which limits the publicity your event will receive). If you are a licensed caterer, it is illegal to provide cannabis or related paraphernalia at any one location for more than 36 events in one calendar year, which means if you are a cannabis caterer and have a preferred venue, you can only serve cannabis there are 36 Once in a year, aka three times a month, so choose your business carefully.

If you’re confused reading this, as I have been at many parties in California where weed has been served, here’s what this law will change: Right now, according to California law, event organizers can only provide cannabis for themselves. Of course, many people break this rule, but this is the law. However, if AB471 is passed, cannabis businesses can be used to obtain catering licenses and then serve cannabis at special events. At the risk of killing the sentiment, dear reader, one must also remember that red tape and money often make it difficult for cannabis companies to obtain such licenses in the first place, especially those without a financial leg.

Unfortunately, it should also be noted that a similar law was proposed by Carla in the last legislative session and was rejected. So we don’t even know if AB471 will pass. However, on a positive note, and highlighting Carla’s concern for the environment, if passed, by law, cannabis service companies could repurpose unused cannabis from one event to another party, minimizing waste (and ensuring no one’s weed goes to waste).

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