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Pennsylvania lawmakers will introduce a bill that would allow farmers to grow medicinal pot

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A pair of Pennsylvania lawmakers want to create new opportunities for farmers in the state to grow medical marijuana.

State Assembly Representatives Melissa L. Schusterman and Ishmael Smith-Wade-El, both Democrats, submitted a memo to their colleagues Monday detailing their plans to introduce legislation “that would allow Pennsylvania farmers to grow medical cannabis.” reported local news station WHTM.

“It is critical that Pennsylvania have accessible and equitable entry into the thriving medical cannabis industry. However, the current ban on obtaining new permits is hurting both entrepreneurs and consumers. Growers and small businesses are being denied the freedom to participate in nearly $2 billion American has been generated by the industry so far.” Chesterman and Smith-Wade-El V. said The note published on Monday.

Their bill would allow “a new permit that farmers and other small agricultural businesses can apply for to grow and sell medical cannabis to existing growers/processors on a limited basis,” according to WHTM, with both Shusterman and Smith-Wade-El saying that “passing this legislation will open up The door is open to new farmers, including those in marginalized communities.”

There is a concrete need to change this prevailing imbalance. Lawmakers said note. “Enabling small-scale farming will allow our small farmers to be able to pool their crops together to share a new license so they can be a part of this great economic dividend for Pennsylvania. Furthermore, this legislation opens the door for new farmers in industry, female farmers, and male farmers from marginalized communities.” To participate in this thriving project.

“Please join me in this effort to promote the economic well-being of small farmers and the health of patients across the state of Pennsylvania.” They said in conclusion.

Pennsylvania legalized medical cannabis treatment in 2016, when lawmakers there passed a bill opening treatment to eligible patients in the state.

Last year, two Penn State Senators Submit a bill It would have allowed medical cannabis patients there to grow their own cannabis plants at home.

The two representatives, state senator St. Sheriff, Democrat, and Dan Laughlin, Republican, Tell colleagues in Note 2021 that their legislation would address “deficiencies” in the state’s medical cannabis program.

Since the passage of Title 16 in 2016, Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program has provided life-saving medications to communities across the Commonwealth. However, shortcomings around the MMJ remain well-known, particularly with regard to cost and access,” the lawmakers said in the memo. This year’s Pennsylvania MMJ Advisory Board meeting revealed significant disparities in access. The PA Ministry of Health noted that “Patients in some counties must travel more than two hours to get to the dispensary. This is simply not feasible for many Pennsylvanians. In addition, patients have also been vocal about the financial challenges related to rising drug costs and affordability.”

“It is critical that policy meets people wherever they are. By allowing medical marijuana patients to grow cannabis plants at home, we can help ease the burden of cost and access for this important drug. This legislation will go a long way toward helping Pennsylvanians meet their everyday health needs,” they added. and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and justly under Law No. 16.”

The bill failed in the legislative session last year.

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