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Mocktail was absolute with Rick Simpson oil

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All it takes is four steps. You’re just four steps away from making the Rick Simpson Oil-Infused Syrup you’ll want to keep on hand for making cannabis drinks at home with ease. No alcohol, no fuss, and you have complete control over the dosage and ingredients. Sounds great, right?

RSO in the kitchen

If you are looking for a powerful and relatively inexpensive full-spectrum extract to include in the kitchen, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is the perfect choice. It has a concentrated cannabis flower taste that adds depth and bitterness to a drink or dish (it even has a floral sweetness to it, depending on the strain), with a strong dose suitable for working when making healing foods.

Rick Simpson / RSO Oil replaces alcohol in this delicious cannabis mocktail.

What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil / RSO is an ultra-concentrated cannabis oil that is also full spectrum, meaning it contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the plant. It is made from a high-octane solvent, such as ethanol, and then left unrefined after extraction, resulting in a high percentage of the original chemical compounds and residual chlorophyll in the final product.

The heat applied gently during the extraction process burns the solvent and decarboxylates the cannabinoids, so the oil is ready to be applied as a strong topping or eaten as is. The catch: It tastes terrible. However, this actually makes it ideal for infusing foods that make the most of their intensely bitter, herbal flavors, and also allows for the production of hard-hitting foods that maximize the impact of the surrounding elements (the idea that specific chemical compounds and oils are naturally present in cannabis strains is amplified). strongly when left together).

Who is Rick Simpson?

The creator and advocate of dark, viscous hemp oil recommends making the extract from your own plants so you know exactly what went in and what didn’t go into the final product. He first posted his DIY recipe for Rick Simpson Oil—a name first coined by Jack Herer—online in 2004. Simpson himself poetically calls the oil “Phoenix Tears” and never invented his method, ensuring that the information remains freely available. Literally whoever wants it.

For years, the RSO personally made his home grow and gave it away for medical use, but a 2009 raid by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police put a complete and final end to that effort. He and his wife, Danijela, now live in Croatia, where they remain huge cannabis activists and educators, despite Simpson suffering a paralyzing stroke in 2018. They are currently selling trusted books on RSO from their website. And the show Instructions on how to produce the oil.

Phoenix Phys
Ultimate Phoenix Fizz.

Phoenix Phys


  • 1g RSO*
  • 1/8 tsp. Liquid lecithin from sunflower** (found at health food stores or online; do not empty the powder)
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2 cups of water
  • Sparkling water
  • ice


  • Glass stirrer/rod
  • immersion or high speed blender
  • Heavy-bottomed saucepan


Change the math to relate it to your percentages of THC or CBD in your RSO, but as an example: the average RSO contains about 60-80% THC per gram. So, if a gram of RSO used in this recipe contained 60% THC, it would come out to 600 mg of THC in the last bottle of syrup. Divide that total by the number of servings (which in this case is 19), so 19 servings equals approximately 30 mg per drink.

* to learn Make your own RSO.

**Liquid sunflower lecithin is key to creating a stable suspension of the oil in the liquid/emulsifying here, no substitutions accepted.

RSO infused simple syrup

1. Bring the water to a boil in the pot.

2. Turn off the heat and whisk the sugar in the hot water until the sugar is completely dissolved.

3. Let it cool slightly, then carefully pour it into a heatproof bowl that is safe to mix with an immersion blender. If using a high-speed blender, pour into blender jug;

4. Mix RSO and 1/8 tsp. of liquid sunflower lecithin in the hot syrup until most of the oil stains have dissolved. If the oil slicks remain stubborn, you can add them back to the pot and heat them up a bit (paining a temperature with a stir should do the trick);

5. Once hot, it will foam like crazy which means the sunflower lecithin creates a stable suspension/emulsion.

6. Scrape off the oil that sticks to the sides of the bowl while mixing;

7. When most of the oil stains have dissipated, use the glass stirring rod to break up the foam.

8. Let the syrup cool completely. Clearly label it containing cannabis and the dosage

Great finishing touch

1. Put ice into a Collins or rocks glass;

2. Fill the glass with sparkling water.

3. Top with 1 oz. simple syrup infused with RSO;

4. Garnish and enjoy

This story was originally published on printed edition of hemp now.

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