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Weed vending machine with live stickers, sacks hits Colorado city

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Representing a major shift in the way hemp products are normalized, weed vending machines — now able to label and dispense cannabis products in real time — are the new norm in Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado-based Terrapin has installed its first ACE (Automated Cannabis Experience) vending machine at the Aurora Terrapin Care Station site. No need for a booster or human being for that matter. Customers scan to verify their identity and make sure they are old enough, follow onscreen instructions and pay.

But best of all: You can watch the weed being packaged and labeled right through the 38″ x 30″ window on the vending machine—a surreal experience for people coming from more restricted situations.

“Innovative solutions like ACE illustrate the increasingly mainstream nature of the cannabis field,” says Terrapin CEO Chris Woods. Tell 9 news.

“Not only does ACE improve sales, but it also provides unique benefits to consumers, including faster checkouts, expanded education, and the ability to participate in multiple languages. As the cannabis industry evolves, companies must focus on meeting consumers’ changing preferences and demands. ACE offers a method A real game-changer for consumers to buy cannabis.”

How much product can one machine hold? One ACE vending machine can hold up to 1,152 weed products (depending on package size). It’s like its own little dispensary.

Aurora will be a guinea pig for determining how good it is automated The vending machine serves customer needs.

“We are thrilled to support innovation in the business and appreciate Terrapin for choosing Aurora to implement this great equipment,” said Trevor Vaughn, Director of Licensing for the City of Aurora. “Our top priority is public safety, and Terrapin recognizes this with its implementation of this retail option by adding an automated layer of safeguards for human verification to ensure that only those who are legally allowed to consume cannabis buy these products.”

It took time and effort to get automated technology to where it is today, said Robert Schwarzli, president of BMC Universal Technologies.

Automated weed vending machine technology

Terrapin first revealed the new ACE automatic machines at MJBizCon 2022where they teased Aurora’s vending machine rollout.

ACE can be programmed in multiple languages, which improves consolidation. It can also improve sales approach as ACE increases the number of newbies and frees them up to take more time. Benefits include non-human “triple screening” to ensure only verified adults 21 and over can buy cannabis. The company says it is also working to speed up the transaction.

Developed in partnership with BMC Universal TechnologiesIt is the market’s first fully automated cannabis vending kiosk for fully packaging, live labeling and distribution of cannabis products, according to press release.

“As a leader in the vending industry, we have the manufacturing design, automation, and engineering expertise necessary to design and develop the vending machine of the future,” Robert Schwarzli, president of BMC Universal Technologies, stated last November. “ACE is the market’s first selling solution that requires no human assistance, truly changing the way people shop for cannabis products. While ACE is a first for the cannabis sector, we have brought dozens of other unique projects across countless Other industries – and we’re excited about the future of cannabis retail.”

The concept of zero human assistance is controversial – and yet it’s what we’re already seeing with Amazon and McDonald’s Tahadi Restaurant at Taco Bell and across the board into the retail space.

Terrapin also plans to roll out additional ACE machines at Terrapin Care Station locations throughout Colorado. It’s a glimpse of what you might see more of in the future.

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