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Armignano: Marijuana’s potency requires more education and regulation

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Those offering dire warnings about the alleged dangers of so-called “high pot pot” — and calling for these products to be recriminalized — are taking their cues from an old playbook.

Since the inception of criminal cannabis prohibition, decriminalization advocates have sought to justify their position by exaggerating the supposed power of marijuana. In the 1930s, while lobbying to pass the first-ever federal ban on cannabis, the office of Narcotics Commissioner Henry Anselger testified to Congress that the marijuana of a century earlier was so singularly powerful that it was “quite the Hyde monster, the noxious” Their impact can be measured.”

In an effort to justify a marijuana crackdown in the 1980s, former Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Pot on a casual basis… should be taken out and shot.”

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