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Alaska cleans hundreds of convictions from the court’s database

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Hundreds of Alaskans will have their ex marijuana convictions It has been removed from the online state courts database.

The move follows an order issued late last month by the state Supreme Court, according to a local newspaper. Media reports.

Local news station KTUU reports that as of May 1, “the marijuana possession convictions of approximately 800 Alaska residents will be removed from Courtview, a public online database of court cases.”

The order comes “after years of similar, and unsuccessful, legislative efforts to join a trend nationwide,” According to the Anchorage Daily News.

“I am glad the Supreme Court ordered this,” said Democratic Senator Scott Kawasaki, as quoted by The Guardian. Anchorage Daily News.

As set forth by the state supreme courtRemoval from the system would apply to individuals who were “convicted of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana…or an earlier version of that statute criminalizing the same conduct, or a municipal ordinance criminalizing the same conduct if…the defendant was under the age of 21.” years or more at the time of the offense, and … the accused has not been convicted of any other criminal charges in the same case.”

According to the Anchorage Daily NewsThese records would still be available for inspection in the courts and would be discoverable through an official criminal background check, but would not be easy to find for the general public.

Alaska legalized recreational cannabis for adults in 2014, when a majority of the state’s voters approved a ballot ending the pot ban.

“Given that (marijuana) has been legal for eight years, it seemed to the Supreme Court that this was the right time for people not to suffer, I would say, the negative consequences that could result from publishing your name on Courtview. Nancy Mead, general counsel for the Alaska court system, said. “Because the behavior is considered legal at the moment.”

In September, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, a Republican, issued a memo to request Create a new task force to “review current marijuana tax and fee structures, regulations applicable to marijuana operators, and make recommendations for improvement to the governor’s office.”

“In the past seven years, the marijuana industry has boomed in Alaska but it is still considered a new and developing industry in Alaska,” Dunleavy said in the announcement. “As we would expect to see with any new industry, concerns have been raised about the structure under which the industry operates. The cornerstone of my administration has been to review unnecessary regulations that are a burden to business, while ensuring oversight to protect the health, life, and safety of all Alaskans. I hope it is In forming the Governor’s Advisory Task Force on Recreational Marijuana, we are able to bring together a diverse range of voices and perspectives to assess existing rulings and consider recommendations for improving the viability of the industry.”

The task force will consist of 13 members, Dunlevy’s office said, three of whom will be “the commissioner of the Department of Revenue or the designated commissioner; the commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce, Community and Economic Development or the commissioner’s designee; [and] Director of Natural Resources Department, Department of Agriculture.”

The remaining 10 members of the task force are identified as follows: “One member sits on the Alaska Marijuana Control Board. One member represents a city, district, or municipality that allows recreational marijuana businesses within its jurisdiction; one member that is a standard licensed marijuana grower in the state; one member.” operates as a licensed marijuana grower limited in the state one member is a licensed marijuana producer or concentrate manufacturer in the state one member is a licensed marijuana retailer in the state three licensed marijuana operators from any segment of the industry; [and] One general member.

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