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Stops bids to restrict high-THC products in Washington state

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Efforts to Cover potency of cannabis products In Washington state, high potency THC in the medical marijuana market appears to have failed.

Lawmakers in Washington state, one of the nation’s oldest adult-use markets, introduced two bills this legislative session that would place stricter limits on marijuana products with more than 35% THC:

House Bell 1642 It would have restricted the 35% stronger products in the MMJ market. HB1641 It will be restricted to high-THC products for customers 25 years of age or older. He would also have imposed higher taxes, instituted stricter rules on advertising and funded a public health campaign warning users of the harmful effects of high-potency marijuana.

The Columbia Basin Herald reports that both bills appear to be stuck in committee with little prospect of progress.

A state house committee in Washington heard both bills but took no further action.

Without a further hearing, both bills are convicted

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