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Snoop Goes Global Plus a Big Chicago First

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“Life moves so fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it,” said Matthew Broderick as 80s icon Ferris Bueller. The same can be said for the cannabis industry. There is always something new going on.

Photo by Stirling Monksgaard

Snoop Inks Partnership with Atlas Global Brands

Snoop Dogg’s eye on global domination has taken it a step further after announcing that the entrepreneur and hip-hop legend has signed an “exclusive international licensing agreement” with Canadian-based global cannabis company Atlas Global Brands Inc.

“Consumers love Snoop, and our collective goal is to deliver outstanding products in all categories of cannabis that will consistently exceed consumer expectations,” said Bernie Young, CEO of Atlas Global, he said in a statement.

The five-year agreement will allow Atlas Global Selectively “source, pack and distribute directly in Canada and through internationally approved distribution partners,” including medical cannabis products in Germany, Israel and Australia.

This landmark transaction also gives Atlas Global exclusive rights to the artist’s name, likeness, and other intellectual property to “produce, package, manufacture, distribute, sell, advertise, promote, and market cannabis flowers, ready-made husks, concentrates, oils, foodstuffs, and personal vaporizers” on legal markets.

“I chose Atlas to represent and launch my new brands because of their innovation and global reach. I’m excited to work with their team to select the favorite strains for my brands and fans,” said Snoop Dogg. “You know they’ll be great because I’ll personally approve them.”

Sarah Woodson from The Cannabis Experiment
Cannabis Experience Founder, Sarah Woodson. Photo Kush and Cloth

Roll up and roll out on the cannabis experience

Engaging tourists and weed-loving locals alike can now enjoy the sights of Denver on the nation’s first licensed cannabis-consuming bus. Founded by local entrepreneur Sarah Woodson, The Cannabis Experience aims to provide safe and legal cannabis tours, airport transfers and cannabis-friendly private party buses, as well as visits to cannabis farms and dispensaries. Private bus rentals for parties will also feature art and food themes such as “Toking and Tacos” and “RiNo Mural Tours.”

The Cannabis Experience is Woodson’s latest foray into cannabis tourism in the city. The former Marijuana Industry Group advisor also founded the hugely popular cannabis-friendly art category, Kush & Canvases, which she says “helps move the needle forward in the legalization battle.”

“The cannabis industry is very regulated and not diversified. It took almost a year to get us up and running, so we’re excited to be the first safe, legal and licensed mobile hospitality company in the country,” says Woodson. “We’re social equality and African-Americans. We’re going to be amazing touring, growing our fleet over the next 24 months and expanding into other local cities like Aurora. We’re proud to be in the cannabis industry.”

Although there were previous cannabis buses operating in Colorado, they were not officially allowed and they were all shut down by the authorities. On the other hand, Experience Cannabis has a local license and a state-issued cannabis hospitality permit. Here’s how to reserve your seat.

Founders of the Grasshopper Club
Diane Brewer and her two sons, Matthew and Chuck, celebrate the opening of the Grasshopper Club.

The Grasshopper Club opens in Chicago

The family-owned business made history as the first independent black-owned dispensary in Chicago. Located in Logan Square, on the 2500 block of North Milwaukee Street, Hotel Grasshopper Club It is owned by Diane Brewer and her two sons, Matthew and Chuck, along with some “silent little investors”.

“We do not have a relationship, endorsement or arrangement with one of the large publicly owned cannabis companies,” Matthew said. ABC7 Chicago.

“I’m working on the accounting aspects of this business,” Diane said. “I’m totally excited. I retired 12 years ago, and here I am again.”

For Chuck, the opening comes full circle, as he was arrested for cannabis possession several times in his youth. He said, “For me to do this legally with my brother and my mother…it’s invaluable.”

when IllinoisThe Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act took effect in 2020, and “social justice” provisions were incorporated into the legislation to help communities affected by past drug policies access the economic benefits of legalizing cannabis. But, according to Diane, this has been a struggle for some, and her family has pledged to support other African Americans to open more independent dispensaries. “They call it social justice, but you have to have money to be able to unlock money, and many African Americans don’t have that money,” she says.

The Brewer family plans to open a second dispensary in Chicago this summer.

California weed
Conrad’s photo

Cannabis sales decline in California

According to the latest statistics from the California Tax and Fee Administration (DTFA), annual cannabis sales in the Golden State decreased in 2022 for the first time since the adult use market was launched in 2018, according to reports. MJBiz.

Taxable sales in the fourth quarter fell 8.2% to $5.3 billion from $5.77 recorded in the same period last year, marking the third consecutive quarterly decline. In addition, tax revenues approached $1.1 billion in 2022, down 21% from about $1.4 billion in 2021. Despite the decline, California still represents about 20% of the $26 billion market.

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