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Colorado hospital to review policy after alleged cannabis snatching from grieving mother

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Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado He takes a second look at his approach to cannabis after facing pressure from the local media and society. 11 news reports The hospital would review its policy when adult or medical cannabis use was found due to an incident that occurred several months earlier. Currently, hospital staff will destroy cannabis unless a family member is present immediately to take the cannabis home.

Mother Lori Prochagin, who lives in Chaffee County, said she just learned her son, who is serving in the US Marine Corps, took his life when she was taken to the hospital several months ago. She was under a lot of stress and I thought she was having a heart attack. Brochagen was flown by helicopter to the hospital, but then was surprised by a security search through all of her belongings.

“They took me out on a stretcher. They pulled me out the door and there were two security guards, Prochagin Tell 11 news.

Allegedly, the security guards focused on taking the hashish they found in her bag.

“I was holding my bag, they pulled it out of my arms. I tried to pull it back. They took it from me and I said, ‘What are you doing?’ I didn’t know what was going on. I had never been treated like this in a hospital,” said Prochagin.

Feeling more like a criminal than someone receiving hospital care, she had about a gram of cannabis out of sight in a bag.

“(The security guard) started going through things and pulled out a bag. I had a small pipe, maybe about a gram of weed and a lighter, and she held it up in front of everyone and she was saying, ‘Look what we got,'” Prochagin added.

Parkview was made aware of the patient’s concerns on January 13, 2023, 7 months after the patient was admitted to Parkview. Parkview has communicated on a number of occasions via phone, email and written messages to help resolve the patient’s questions and concerns.

According to the Parkview Visitor Policy, page 26, Medicines from Home: “The nurse must be informed if a patient is bringing medication from home with him to the hospital… Prescribed medical and recreational marijuana is not allowed to be brought into the hospital. Arrangements must be made for a family member to take it home. If no arrangements are made, it will be destroyed.” .

Parkview is currently in the process of reviewing this policy.

Most hospitals enact strict cannabis policies likely because they Fear of losing federal funding They are certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and adhere to the rules of the Food and Drug Administration. But hospital workers and security personnel aren’t exactly there to enforce the law.

State laws are slowly changing to allow smokeless forms of medical cannabis in some cases.

Few countries have taken measures to allow some forms of medical cannabis in hospitals. In California, patients with certain conditions are allowed to take medical cannabis to hospitals, but certain forms are restricted.

California approved Senate Bill 311 Or the Ryan Act allows terminally ill patients to use medical cannabis in healthcare facilities. But the proposal prohibits patients from inhaling or vaporizing herbal cannabis products. It also restricts the use of any form of cannabis in emergency rooms.

Senators and the California State Assembly approved legislation And a bill has been sent to the governor’s office to allow the use of medical cannabis products within hospitals and other eligible healthcare facilities.

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