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Are people who like to take a ballpark trip healthier than the rest of us?

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Examining links of drug use to good health habits

the drug use It is more widespread than ever, and many are grateful for it.

Not only narcotic drugs A safer recreational option compared to alcohol, but it has the potential to change one’s life for the better. Countless people have managed to turn over a new leaf after living a life imprisoned by difficult-to-treat mental illnesses. These range from alcoholism and addiction to post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, and more.

For people who don’t necessarily suffer mental difficultiesThe anesthetic can still help you. It has been shown to improve the overall quality of life and can improve how you perceive life as a whole. Now, there are studies showing that psychedelic use may actually be linked to healthy lifestyles — both physically and mentally.

Psychedelic drugs are linked to healthy habits

a A recent study of American adults found that those who admitted to using any of the classic narcotic medications at least once also reported healthier intake and reduced cigarette smoking.

Classic dope refer to hallucinogenic drugs that lead to trips or an abnormal state of mind. Some popular examples of the classic psychedelic include magic mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, DMT, LSD, and peyote. Most of these drugs are illegal, although there are a few places in the world that have either decriminalized or legalized them.

For the study, Otto Simonson, along with other colleagues, analyzed data from an online survey of 2,822 participants. The group was selected using a methodology that allowed the population to be representative of the rest of the United States adults in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity. Of the group, 613 of them admitted to taking the drug at least once. They were then asked if what they had consumed was cocaine, cannabis, painkillers, MDMA, PCP, tobacco or inhalants at least once, as well as how many cigarettes they had consumed and how old they were when they first drank alcohol.

In addition, the participants were asked if they had taken any of the classic narcotic medications. Surprisingly, those who answered yes to whether they had taken psychedelic drugs, and then answered ratings of psychological experiences with the psychedelic, found that those who consumed it had healthier lifestyle habits compared to those who did not.

“Lifetime classic drug use, for example, was more common among men, individuals who reported greater engagement in risky behavior, and individuals who reported lifetime use of other illicit substances. Lifetime classic drug use was very modestly associated with Tobacco-related health behavior and diet, but there was no association. Observed with associated alcohol and exercise-related behaviour,” the researchers wrote. In summary, those who used the drug at least once smoked less tobacco and consumed healthier foods.

“Although these findings cannot be proven, they suggest that psychological insight during a classic psychedelic experience may lead to positive change in healthy behavior and improvement of physical health in some areas, particularly those related to weight management,” the study authors concluded.

Psychedelic drugs are linked to better mental health

last A recent study revealed from 985 survey participants that mystical experiences may be associated with a long-term reduction in depression and anxiety. They were asked to describe the narcotic substances they had consumed, and then completed questionnaires that assessed their ambiguous nature. In addition, they were asked to describe whether it was psychologically insightful, challenging, or if it resulted in a positive mood.

The researchers performed a machine learning analysis of data for participants who were asked about their non-clinical experiences with psychedelic drugs. Those who scored highest on tests asking about the mystical nature of their drug consumption also showed improvements in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

“Sometimes the challenge arises because it’s a very ambiguous and insightful experience that can in itself be challenging,” says Alan Davis, senior author of the study. “In a clinical research setting, people do their best to create a safe and supportive environment. But when challenges arise, it is important to better understand that difficult experiences can actually be linked to positive outcomes,” he explains.

“The group that had the highest insightful, mystical, and low-challenging experiences showed the greatest benefit in terms of remission of symptoms of anxiety and depression and other long-term benefits to their lives,” explains Aki Nikolaidis, first author of the study.

They also specifically found that participants who reported consuming LSD and psilocybin They are the same ones who report better mental health outcomes even after they have been through a difficult situation.

“Identifying the subtypes that are present regardless of the type of drug you take answers an interesting question,” Nikolaidis adds. “But the fact that we found it to be associated with a specific outcome, and the replication of that outcome, really shows why it is so important to understand the powerful nature of what is subjectively occurring and its potential for a beneficial outcome,” he says.


These are just some of the many other studies that support how drugs can actually improve anyone’s mental and physical health outcomes. While we don’t yet know how or why they work this way, there are some theories as to why. First, drug consumption helps us see things outside of our actual lives, in a way that allows us to better relate to ourselves and our environment.

Another possible reason is the fact that psychedelic use promotes altruism, empathy, and compassion—not just for our loved ones and the world, but toward ourselves. The drug’s ability to form new connections in the brain can also lead to these lasting positive changes in our lives.

Has drug use benefited you physically or mentally?

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