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On the SNL Monologue, Super Bowl winner Travis Kelce pays tribute to the bowl

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Smoking pot might get you off a team — but you can still win two Super Bowls, Super Bowl LVII champion Travis Kelsey put it in so many words during his talk on NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Sunday evening.

With a second Super Bowl title under his belt, Kelce is it 34 athletes to host SNL, and join the ranks of athletes like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Ronda Rousey, ESPN reports. Kelce’s family attended the recording SNL at Studio 8H in Manhattan.

The Philadelphia Eagles center and Kelsey’s brother Jason joined forces in a skit on SNL. Brothers were One of the hottest topics of Super Bowl week In Glendale, AZ – because they had to play against each other. The two brothers started the game with one Super Bowl ring, but it was younger brother Travis who came up with a second ring in the game 38-35 nails.

“Jason and I have been playing soccer together since we were kids, and he was always better than me at everything,” said Kelsey during his interview. “In high school, he was an honor student. And I got kicked off the team because I failed French. And English too. But French sounds so much better. And then when we were in college, I actually got kicked off the team because I tested positive for marijuana. So it just goes to show you if You smoked weed and were bad at school, you could win two Super Bowls.”

Kelsey said his mom drove him and his brother home after Super Bowl LVII, which It resulted in an uncomfortable ride.

Kelce has been smoking pot for quite some time, ever since his college playing days. In 2010, Kelce was suspended for a full year from playing with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats after he tested positive for THC. “I was kicked off the team because I had too much fun off the field,” he said He saidas mentioned before Kansas City Star. He almost “quit football” because of the ordeal, but the incident does not appear to have affected his view of cannabis.

But luckily, Kelce didn’t stray out of his way to the Super Bowl and continued to play despite the setback of missing an entire year. The Enquirer I mentioned in 2021 that The Bearcats turned Kelsey into a tight end. The rest is history.

Bowl and NFL

Several former National Football League (NFL) players have spoken to High times About the benefits of pot like Ricky WilliamsAnd Eben BretonAnd Kyle TurleyAnd Jake PlummerAnd the list goes on. Many of them have invested in cannabis brands.

Things are slowly changing when it comes to cannabis in the NFL. Since April 18, 2021, NFL players No longer have to stress about a positive cannabis test In random drug tests of the league.

It’s a new era in the NFL thanks A new collective bargaining agreement that were negotiated last year that established a new drug policy for the university.

The NFL announced in a press release on February 1 that it would introduce One million dollars to different researchers In the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) f University of Regina (UR) in Canada. Both research groups will focus on how cannabis can help manage pain in general, with some other target studies as well.

Players like the Kelsey brothers wouldn’t have to worry so much about testing positive for pot nowadays.

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