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Hawaii senators pass adult use of cannabis bill

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On March 7, the Hawaii Senate voted to pass an adult use cannabis bill by a vote of 22-3. As indicated SB669 SD2The bill would establish a framework for agriculture, manufacturing, sales and taxation. Residents will be allowed to own up to 30 grams, grow up to six plants for personal use, and also decriminalize small amounts of cannabis.

The bill was first introduced by Senator Joey A. San Buenaventura, Sen. Stanley Chang, Sen. Jarrett Keohokaloli, and Sen. Angus LK McKelvey on Jan. 20, and has consistently worked through several Committee hearings. Senator Keohokalole chairs the Senate Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection, where Modifications have been taken upincluding penalizing unlicensed cultivation, protecting employers who want to ban employee use of cannabis, banning any cannabis business from opening within 1,000 feet of youth-related areas, and other changes to address cannabis licensing that disallows the development of monopolies.

“Today marks an important step forward in legalizing adult cannabis use in Hawaii. These amendments reflect the Senate’s commitment to ensuring a fair and well-regulated cannabis market that provides safe access for both adult consumers and existing patients.” “If legalizing adult cannabis use is something the governor supports, we hope his administration, which has so far opposed every proposal to legalize adult use of cannabis, will work with us to make it happen.”

After it was passed in the Senate with amendments, it was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration on the same day.

On January 11, A.J A different bill for adult cannabis useAnd HB-237, by Hawaii Rep. Jenny Capella. This bill would establish a regulatory framework for the legislation as well, but it would also include language to allow out-of-state patients to benefit from the Medical Cannabis Act, and would exempt medical cannabis sales from the general excise tax. In addition, he introduced Capella HB-283, which would prevent employers from discriminating against potential employees or current employees for their medical cannabis consumption. HB-237 and HB-238 made no progress in their previous hearings, which took place in late January.

a A recent opinion poll I posted it Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association At the end of January, it was found that 86% of adult Hawaiians support legalizing cannabis use for adults, with only 9% in opposition, and 5% saying they don’t know. The survey also found that adult use was slightly more common than medical treatment, in a comparison of 45% to 41%. Overall, the state could collect up to $81.7 million in taxes and $423 million in total revenue if cannabis legalization is passed.

Additional report from Dual Use Cannabis Task Force It also published its findings in January, sharing that cannabis tax revenues could be anywhere from $34 million to $53 million.

Kapela focused on the data provided by this working group to Create the invoice Submitted. “We all know, and Hawaiians know, that it’s time to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults in Hawaii. This year we stand on the brink of history,” Capella said. “Following the recommendations of a task force dedicated to addressing cannabis policy, we now have a roadmap for the legalization of recreational cannabis in our islands.”

Aside from the pace of lawmakers supporting the legalization of cannabis, efforts to legalize therapeutic psilocybin are also becoming popular. one such bill, SB-1454It was introduced in January, and passed unanimously in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on February 6. It aims to establish regulations for the establishment of a “psilocybin therapeutic working group” to examine the medical benefits of psilocybin for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and end-of-life distress.

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