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Jay-Z Sweden Says Hawaiian “Aloha” to the Adult Bowl

Monogram and TPCO sued Jay-Z

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Monogram, the cannabis company owned by billionaire rapper Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, is facing serious allegations in a lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court on February 16, according to SFGate.

Kathy Clay, a former vice president of The Parent Company (TPCO), the California-based cannabis company that operates the Monogram brand, claims she “experienced years of harassment” from company executives who allegedly acted “aggressively, insultingly, and publicly questioned her capabilities.” Clay also claims that CFO Mike Pitsol made “many inappropriate comments about women, hiring ‘housewives’ to perform accounts payable, and people of color and skill sets of employees.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the executives shipped cannabis across state lines from California to New York “for a monogram event with Shawn Carter” — an act prohibited by California cannabis regulations and a federal felony. In addition, Clay claims that TPCO made “inaccurate” payments with the SEC in both 2021 and 2022.

in an email to SFGate“The company does not comment on active litigation and plans to vigorously defend itself against false accusations,” said a TPCO spokesperson.

the SFGate Reports indicate that according to the summons to the court, TPCO has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit and a preliminary court hearing that “has not yet been scheduled.”

Hawaii Senate introduces cannabis legalization bill


The Hawaii Senate voted in favor (22-3) of SB 669, the cannabis legalization bill that would legalize adult use of cannabis, on Tuesday.

SB 669 will allow adults 21 and over to possess, share, and transport up to 30 grams (or one ounce) of cannabis. The law also allows up to six cannabis plants, including three mature flowering plants, to be grown indoors. The legislation also reduces penalties for unlicensed cultivation and sale of cannabis and provides for the elimination of certain marijuana-related crimes.

“For years, advocates have been working to pass legislation to reasonably legalize cannabis in Hawaii,” said Dee Vaughn Ward, a senior legislative advisor with the Marijuana Policy Project who is based in Hawaii. Statement from the group. “Now that this bill is out of the Senate, Hawaii is one step closer to becoming the next state to end the cannabis ban.”

The bill was sponsored by Sens. Stanley Chang (D), Sens. Jarrett Kohukalule (D), Sens. Angus McKelvey (D) and Senator Joy San Buenaventura (D) and is now heading to the opposite chambers for consideration. If passed, it will make Aloha State 22nd in the country for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Heavy Metal Entertainment and Berkshire Roots announce partnership

Heavy metal cannabis
Image courtesy of Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Entertainment (HME) and Berkshire Roots, one of the leading cannabis growers and dispensaries in Massachusetts, have announced a partnership whereby Berkshire Roots will supply new flower strains and develop signature cannabis products under the Heavy Metal brand to align with HME’s plans to achieve a potent supply of Its fan base is inspired by new, exciting and evolving media and experiences while attracting new customers for its rich history of stories and characters.

Heavy Metal was launched in 1977 as a print magazine that combined iconic adult concepts and characters in a manner unmistakably reminiscent of comic books. The magazine continues to spotlight amazing new talent and popular creators, primarily offering interviews, art galleries, and stories. Besides the legendary magazine, HME also publishes a wide range of comic books and graphic novels. runs a podcast network; She runs an emerging film and television studio.

“When we were all introduced to Berkshire Roots, we were immediately drawn to the idea of ​​an association between our brand and cannabis,” said Tommy Correale, President of Heavy Metal Studios. “We can’t wait to see this product connect with both longtime fans and the younger generation who are just beginning to learn about Heavy Metal for the first time.”

Berkshire Roots CEO James Winokur called the partnership a “game-changer”.

“Building on the reputation and consumer loyalty that Berkshire Roots has built since its launch, we are now in a position to direct other brands that want to enter the cannabis market and Massachusetts specifically,” Winokur says. “I think this model is a game-changer for the industry and I can’t think of another partnership like this in the cannabis space.”

The heavy metal cannabis line will be shown for the first time at the Berkshire Roots booth during New England Cannabis Show in Boston March 10-12 and will be available from select retailers throughout Massachusetts.

Pure Imagination Festival Dreams Up 2023 featuring Ziggy Marley and Lucinda Williams

Image courtesy of the Clean Imagination Festival

Described as a “festival of music, wonder, and scenic,” Pure Imagination, a music festival founded by women and catered to all ages, has announced a lineup not to be missed for its May 20 event, which is located at Watson Lake Park near Prescott, Arizona.

Eight Grammy Award-winning major works include Ziggy Marley, Lucinda Williams, Capital Cities, and recent Grammy Award nominee Alison Russell. Beloved southern hip-hop band Nappy Roots, Brandi Clarke, Ponderosa Groove, Jared James Nichols, The Promise, Johan Glidden and Cole Ramstad (DJ sets) will also be performing at this family-friendly event.

“I am so thrilled that Pure Imagination Festival was embraced so beautifully in our inaugural year,” said event founder Candice Devine, who is set to perform with her band, Ponderosa Grove. “It is the energy of our community and those who travel from near and far that creates the magic that has continued to inspire us all.”

Watson Lake Park is located in the stunning granite valleys and high desert of northern Arizona, which features mild and welcoming seasons, clean air, beautiful lakes, and other landscapes. Miles of hiking trails, on-site lawn games, Frisbee golf, 20 food trucks, and kayaking are available to all festival attendees on the grounds. Tickets are available at Pure Imagination website.

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