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What you need to know about THC detox

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A THC detox is very complex from an objective standpoint. Absorbing and metabolizing THC molecules into water-soluble metabolites so they can be metabolized is a naturally time consuming process. Green Gone Detox, a THC detox brand designed by pharmacists, is on a mission to help you safely and naturally cleanse marijuana from your system. The goal of this article is to objectively explain THC drug testing and provide honest answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do I need a THC detox?
  2. How long will THC stay in my system?
  3. What options do I have to speed up the process?

There are a variety of situations in which one may need a cannabis detox. A common situation is urine drug testing prior to employment. Health or life insurance may also require drug testing before a policy can be approved. Drug screening is a routine part of the parole procedure. Some doctors and pain clinics require drug screenings. Some sports organizations may require the participant to pass a urine test as well.

Aside from seemingly mandatory situations, one might personally want to start a THC detox to reset their tolerance, AKA “breaking the tolerance” or “breaking the T”. In addition, people may want to refrain from using cannabis just to see how long it takes their bodies to naturally, over time, test clean for future reference. Regardless of the reason for detoxing, all situations should be approached with the same goal: focus on how THC is metabolized and excreted by the human body. This leads to the importance of timing.

How long does a THC detox take?

The amount of time that THC stays in your system can vary depending on the characteristics of the user in question. Some of the major factors include age, body composition, and genetics. As we age, our metabolisms naturally tend to slow down and process the chemicals we ingest at a slower pace. Because of the complexity of how THC is broken down, many users will continue to fail a drug test for cannabis even after several weeks of abstinence. The combination of liver enzymes your body tends to make matters, too. The initial THC → THCOOH carboxylation reaction is mediated by a major liver enzyme system known as CYP 2C9. This is important because once THC is carboxylated to THCOOH, the metabolite can participate in several other metabolic pathways that increase its water solubility.

Let’s not overcomplicate it though. The point of all of this is simply to break down the molecule into something easier to dispose of. If your body can’t break it down into smaller molecules, your liver will add functional groups to improve water solubility to try to pass it in your urine that way. This is what happens here. Problems arise if you’re one of the unlucky people who don’t make enough — or sometimes not at all — the enzyme 2C9 to mediate the reaction described above. Fortunately, only a small percentage of the population has this genetic abnormality.

Then, there is the whole issue of how much exposure a user has to THC. How much and how much exposure? What is the method of ingestion? What is the potency of the substance in question? All of these factors are important when determining the time required to run a clean exam.

Having said all that, on average it takes most consistent cannabis users about a month to test comfortably under a cutoff check with no intervention other than time and abstinence. However, this can fluctuate greatly depending on a combination of the above factors.

Urine sample for laboratory analysis. Photo by Giovanni Cankemi

How does a drug test work?

Now, let’s review how the drug test itself works. When a urine THC drug test is done, they don’t actually test for the THC molecules themselves, but rather the water-soluble THC metabolites that stay in your system longer (like the THCOOH described above).

The standard limit that most testing centers look for is less than 50 ng/mL. This cut is very sensitive, as the test can detect a very small amount of added THC metabolites per size. However, it is important to note here that if this is passed on the urine THC dipstick, the test is over, assuming the initial tests determine that there is nothing “wrong” with the sample.

What could be wrong? Many things are in the event that the substitution is made, and it is an illegal form of fraud—something the Green Gone Detox Program is strongly against. For example, the temperature could be too high or too low; An additive may be found in the sample; Or the density of the urine can show that the sample is dilute.

Green Gone Detox advises consumers to provide an actual sample that is truly from you and no one else if it hasn’t been tampered with. Normally, this sample should contain less than 50 ng/mL of THC metabolites. If this test for a substance fails, many labs will perform a confirmatory test via GCMS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) that closely examines specific tagged molecules to rule out a false positive.

Items included in Green Gone 5 Day Detox Kit. Image courtesy of Green detox

Green Gone can help

Now that you have basic information on some of the factors that affect THC metabolism and excretion, and how to perform the drug test itself, let’s discuss timing.

Naturally, you’ll want to speed up the detox process if you’re going to be drug tested. Green detox It works in five distinct ways to reduce the overall time for a negative THC test:

  1. Increased production of the metabolite in the liver. The goal here is to encourage the liver to get rid of these metabolites as quickly as possible, so that urination and defecation are possible. Green Gone Detox uses a powerful liver enzyme stimulator known as St. John’s wort.
  2. Binding of metabolites in the gut. To achieve this, Green Gone Detox uses soluble fiber in the form of Psyllium Huskto that binds metabolites in the lower intestine for passage with stool.
  3. Reduce albumin binding. This was a huge accomplishment for Green Gone Detox. Remember, the main problem with trying to dissolve metabolites in the urine itself is that THC metabolites are highly bound to blood proteins. Green Gone introduced the naturally occurring salicylate derivatives in White Willow. This binds to the same sites on albumin as THC metabolites, thereby freeing up the drug to be more easily cleared with urine. Additionally, this is why NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause false positive results on a THC test strip, because both molecules are chemically similar and attach to the strip.
  4. Increased urine acidity. Most urine produced is acidic in nature. Since the metabolites are also acidic, they tend to dissolve poorly. The Green Gone Detox formula increases the pH with sodium bicarbonate to fix this.
  5. Increased urine output. This is fairly clear. Now that the hard part is done (making the metabolites faster, collecting them in the intestines, preventing them from sticking in the bloodstream, and increasing the pH to encourage them to dissolve in the urine), all you want to do is produce more urine. The Green Gone Detox Program also fulfills this need with a natural diuretic known as Horsetail Extract.

Green Gone Detox Kits are proudly designed by pharmacists and made in the United States in an FDA approved and GMP certified facility. Plus, health-conscious consumers can rest easy knowing that Green Gone Detox Kits are vegan and Kosher-friendly. Each kit is stocked with 5 THC urine test strips, and all kits are covered by Green Gone LLC’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Ready to detox?

We hope this article helped you better understand how a THC cleanse works, as well as some of the methodology behind it. If you would like to know more or would like to know which product best suits your personal needs, try Green Gone Detox’s. THC detox calculator. The brand has a seven year track record of helping people successfully reach their THC detox goals.

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