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Heavy Metal to launch cannabis line in Massachusetts

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Heavy Metal Entertainment revealed this week that it is teaming up with cannabis licensee Berkshire Roots to launch a new line of weed products for the regulated market in Massachusetts. Through the new partnership, the two companies will introduce new flower strains and produce unique cannabis products under the “Heavy Metal” brand name, a brand made famous more than 40 years ago by a magazine, feature, science fiction, fantasy and horror movie.

Heavy Metal Entertainment (HME) has made a name for itself since the company was founded in 1977 by bringing adult-oriented science fiction, fantasy and horror entertainment to the mainstream. heavy metal It launched as a print publication to curate unique comic book-style stories with adult-themed themes and characters the likes of which were simply not available through mainstream media. four years later, heavy metal And legendary producer and director Ivan Reitman released the groundbreaking 1981 film, bringing the magazine to life on the silver screen and introducing adult animation to audiences around the world.

heavy metal It was the first magazine to bring the work of European artists including Mobius, Enki Bilal, and Beppe Moreno to the United States while featuring savvy American talent such as Richard Corbin, Jim Steranko, and Bernie Wrightson. The magazine continues to showcase emerging new talent and established creators through serialized and independent stories, artist exhibitions, and interviews.

Under a new ownership group, HME is focused on a holistic fan experience unique to the entertainment industry, delivering content across print publishing, new media and its newly launched TV, film and animation content studio.

To kick off the new heavy metal cannabis in Massachusetts, Berkshire Roots CEO James Winokur and Heavy Metal Studios president Tommy Correale will be at the New England Cannabis (NECANN) conference in Boston this weekend. The new line of products will then be available at licensed dispensaries throughout Massachusetts starting in April.

Courtesy Heavy Metal

“Building on the reputation and consumer loyalty that Berkshire Roots has built since its launch, we are now in a position to direct other brands that want to enter the cannabis market and Massachusetts specifically,” Winokur said in a joint statement from the two brands. “We want to work with unique offerings that differentiate themselves in a crowded field. When I started thinking about the heavy metal brand and how creative we are in our product offerings, I became really passionate about working with the HME team. I think this model is going to be a game-changer for the industry…our customers are really going to love this pairing.” !

Pittsfield, MA Berkshire Roots is a cannabis grower, processor and retailer with dispensaries in Pittsfield and East Boston. In addition to the company’s stores, Heavy Metal-branded cannabis products will be available starting next month at other licensed retailers throughout Massachusetts including Budzee Delivery, Dreamer, The Goods, Honey, Nature’s Remedy, Northeast Alternatives, Nova Farms and Panacea. Wellness and Zyp Run Delivery.

“When we were all introduced to Berkshire Roots, we were immediately drawn to the idea of ​​the connection between our brand and cannabis,” Correale said. As conversations with company management continue and Heavy Metal gets a glimpse of ideas for their follow-up product, we’re increasingly excited that they truly understand the brand’s DNA and its commitment to enhancing our customers’ experience in unexpected ways. We can’t wait to see this product connect with each of our fans. veterans, and the younger generation who are just beginning to learn about Heavy Metal for the first time.”

The cannabis community will get its first look at the new Heavy Metal products this weekend at NECANN, a cannabis industry trade show taking place in Boston from March 10-13.

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