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Himbaco enters into joint venture with Snoop Dogg under the watchful eye of Jorge Olson, product development and marketing expert

Himbaco enters into joint venture with Snoop Dogg under the watchful eye of Jorge Olson, product development and marketing expert

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As Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Hemp and Hemp Products Manufacturers hemp And Green Globe InternationalAnd Jorge Olson He embarks on his most exciting business venture to date. Hempacco has signed a partnership with entrepreneur and entertainment icon Calvin Broadus – aka Snoop Dogg – To develop a line of consumer packaged goods under the new company HPDG, LLC.

Within weeks, this line would provide innovative smokeable cannabis products, hemp paper, blunts, vapes, and edibles to consumers.

An alliance born of the universe and hard work

Hempacco’s partnership with Snoop Dogg stems from a combination of serendipity and design. Olson — who’s already been working with Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, and Rick Ross — has his eye on the celebrity collaboration.

“Snoop Dogg was at the top of my list,” says Olson. “He’s into the cannabis industry, brings passion to everything he does, and has an incredible presence both online and off. His business eye has enabled him to move into mainstream America as a hip-hop artist and into major minority outlets including Mexican, Mexican-American, and even Latin American markets through His commercials for Corona Beer”.

Olson decided to monitor the movements of Snoop Dogg’s business and set software notifications to track the artist’s online activity. As fate would have it, an alert popped up that very day saying that Snoop Dogg was rebranding a line of cannabis cigarettes for the metaverse. “Sometimes timing is key,” Olson recalls. “Those times, you know it’s up to the universe — well, the universe and a lot of hard work.”

Olson reached out to Brent Albin, Hempacco’s director of business development, with the information that Snoop Dogg was recording assets for the metaverse. “I told Brent that Snoop would need manufacturers, suppliers and a ready supply chain. As the largest manufacturer of cannabis cigarettes in the United States and the only company providing R&D worldwide, I knew we needed to start the conversation.”

Alpenfirst approached Snoop Dogg’s agent but soon discovered he would need another contact. Hempacco’s business model partners with celebrities as 50% owners of the company. “We don’t just hire him to do commercials,” Olson explains. “We want a joint venture where both parties have something in the game.”

Albin finally reached out to Snoop Dogg’s director of business development, Tiffany Chin — who lives near Hempacco in Los Angeles, California — who was already looking for manufacturers of cannabis products. Chen took the timing as a good omen and traveled to Hempacco’s headquarters in San Diego.

“We have three plants—two in San Diego and one in Tijuana,” Olson says. After Tiffany toured one of our 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facilities, NSF certified Vitamins, nutritional beauty products and cannabinoids sold, with a state of the art laboratory for research and development.”

Hempacco’s and Snoop Dogg’s joint venture benefits

The benefits of this 50-50 partnership work both ways: Hempacco provides a channel for product development, and Snoop Dogg provides a channel for sales and marketing.

“Snoop’s edible and smokeable products require unique flavors, colors, and functionality,” says Olson. To create the products it envisions, the company needs to have the ability to research, obtain intellectual property rights and apply it all in manufacturing. Currently, we are the only ones to file research and patents on cigarettes for cannabis. Our patented spray of flavors and aromas for smoking hemp flour is disrupting the trillion dollar tobacco industry. “

In addition to research and development, Hempacco’s three factories provide exceptional production capabilities. Right now, the supply chain leaves smokers, distributors, and retailers without a product, but Hempacco’s factories in San Diego and Tiajuana deliver in one business day. With the capacity to produce 1 million candy bars each day, the company is ready to serve customers widely all over the world.

With Snoop Dogg’s name recognition, HPDC plans to place its product in 100,000 stores. By harnessing the reach of the artist’s record label, Death Row Records, HPDC will also be able to market itself along with its brand in the music industry.

What consumers can expect from Hempacco and Snoop Dogg

HPDC has already garnered rave reviews from distributors for its flagship line of bubble gum and vaping. “I’ve been in this business for 20 years, but I’ve never seen so many interested distributors competing against each other for business,” Olson says. “The distributors already know us and our capabilities. With Snoop as our partner, they get the celebrities who sell and the supply chain that delivers.”

Hempacco and Snoop Dog are currently finalizing artwork and flavors for their first HPDC product. They expect the company’s innovative smoking paper to hit the market in April.

Hempacco makes this paper in their factory in Olson’s hometown of Tijuana, Mexico. “We make this unique paper out of hemp, herbs, and even rose petals,” he explains. “Our cannabis paper naturally blends well with the taste and aroma of cannabis, but we can also flavor it with strawberry, mint, or even rocky road ice cream for a different smoking experience.”

Olson says consumers will find that the product is designed to engage all of their senses. “When you open the wrappers, you pick up the scent right away,” he comments. “Natural hemp paper feels rough to the touch. Finally, when you hold the lit electronic cigarette to your lips, you will experience the taste.”

After flagship products hit store shelves, consumers can expect to see new HPDC products every two to four weeks. The next line of products that the company planned would be pre-rolled smoking pipes consisting of the same premium paper and glass, ceramic or candy tips.

Finally, HPDC plans to release a range of cannabis food items for adults over the age of 21, “We’re working with Snoop to develop hard candies, soft chews, and chocolates,” says Olson. “He’s particularly interested in research and development for fun flashback candy from his youth.”

For consumers, the HPDC, LLC joint venture offers unparalleled products and exciting experiences. “We hope to involve consumers in every aspect of this new venture,” Olson says. “Winners of upcoming competitions will sit with us at trade shows and join Snoop in his concerts, so this new partnership will be as exciting for them as it is for us!”

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