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New York Cannabis Store Adds Potency Disclaimers to Some Products

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The OCM is revamping its testing protocols.

One of the five licensed and legal marijuana retailers in New York state just added THC potency disclaimers to a range of its products due to flaws in the current lab testing system, which is supposed to determine cannabis product potency to be displayed on labels for customers to see.

The Union Square Travel Agency – one of a handful of legal cannabis shops in Manhattan to date – added disclaimers that read, “THC potency claim is made by the cultivator,” and assert that the retailer “in no way attests to the accuracy of the claim,” NY Cannabis Insider reported.

The shift was made after NY Cannabis Insider reported on how inaccurate potency labelings in the New York cannabis market are rampant, which led the state Office of Cannabis Management to revamp its testing protocols to phase out so-called “line testing” – which didn’t actually measure THC potency at all. Rather, the “line testing” approach allowed for the cannabis farmers to estimate anticipated potency of their final products that hit store shelves.

The new disclaimers by Union Square Travel Agency are a way to cover the company’s liabilities, given the situation. But it’s also an approach that none of the other four retailers have yet adopted, NY Cannabis Insider reported.

“We added that qualifier to our product descriptions to be fully transparent with our consumers as it’s the cultivators, not the retailers, who have the products tested compliant with state laws. We rely on them to provide us with accurate numbers,” a spokesperson for Union Square told the news outlet.

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