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Kentucky’s governor signs a law outlining the Delta 8 principles

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Kentucky Governor I signed a bill to a law that would frame, classify, and regulate delta-8 testing and ban sales to those under 21.

Bill which was approved By the state’s Republican-led House of Representatives and Senate, it also bans possession by persons under the age of 21 and requires retailers to keep these products behind a counter, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.


Democratic Governor Andy Beshear’s signature follows his executive order last year regulating the packaging and labeling of Delta 8 products.

“We did our best in an executive order, but we couldn’t do many things in that executive order that you can through legislation,” Bashir was quoted as saying during a news conference.

“So, this good bill codifies the executive order into law, but it does a lot more in creating an organizational structure.”

Sales of Delta 8 THC skyrocketed across the United States

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