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NUUD’s HHC Sex Vape changes intimacy

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Sex and cannabis make great companions. NUUD is on a mission to become the market leader in alternative sexual health products. NUUD launched their first sex vape device in 2022, and with no competition in the sexual wellness vape market, they are about to become the industry leader. The company’s latest product uses a patent-pending blend of natural hemp and organic extracts to elevate sexual health for both men and women.

The all-natural vape is the first of its kind on the market and caters to the pleasure enhancement that produces results with its vapor essence, aphrodisiac – or vapordisac, as NUUD likes to call it. It all comes together to provide a mental and physical adventure unlike anything you’ve tried, and without tobacco or nicotine.

While some successful personal sexual lubricants have been launched with cannabis and hemp-derived organic compounds, NUUD vapes They are the first to introduce an entirely new delivery method consisting of HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. They also make use of other naturally occurring plant terpenes to add flavor and stimulate the body.

NUUD was developed to trigger sexual pleasure points to increase performance during intimate sessions. Each formula is meticulously designed to elevate the individual sexual receptors of both men and women to release an increased level of arousal. Each formula undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction. Since NUUD offers products that cater to both men and women, let’s take a look at some of their different product offerings.

NUUD Vapes for Women

Combinations: Vanilla Lavender, Strawberry Basil, Passion Fruit

these vapes It is an aphrodisiac specifically designed for women and may provide powerful sexual enrichment, including heightened performance, increased libido, reduced stress, mood elevation, deep awareness, and increased sexual arousal. Each product is beautifully packaged, and all NUUD Vapes provide a full list of approved ingredients for the specific batch purchased, giving consumers an extra layer of protection while providing confidence in their products. HHC is the main ingredient in both men’s and women’s formulations.

NUUD Vapes for men

NUUD sex vapes for men

Combinations: Citrus Mint, Vanilla, Watermelon and Spearmint

designed for men, these formulas Focus on increasing libido, enhancing pleasure, sexual uplifting and reducing stress. They may also elevate mood, deepen awareness, and increase sexual arousal. Like the women’s formulas, the men’s products are elegantly packaged and come with full ingredient disclosure in every batch.

Made with care and quality

Proud of its ingredients, NUUD uses only the highest quality organic compounds for optimal results. HHC It is the dominant component, followed by terpenesThey are the compounds that give the plant its distinctive taste and aroma. These unsaturated hydrocarbons are produced mostly by plants, including hemp and conifers, but they are also found in many other plants.

Terpenes can have strong and often pleasant odors. These compounds are also known for their natural healing properties and aphrodisiac properties. Terpenes can be found in everything from perfume and cosmetics to food and drink products—and now in NUUD Vapordisiac formulations to arouse and arouse while enhancing pleasure and increasing libido.

While each formula varies slightly, the main ingredients of their Vapordisiac compounds are HHC, Plant-derived Terpenes, Hexahydrothymol, Trans-Caryophyllene, (R)-(+)-Limonene, Linalool, 3-Carene, alpha-Pinene, Eucalyptol, beta-Pinene , beta-myrcene, geraniol, nerol, terpineol, fenchone, caryophyllene oxide, alpha-humulin, and camphene.

These are all types of natural compounds and chemicals that can be found in different plants and herbs. Each one has its own unique properties and benefits. There is scientific evidence supporting the potential benefits of these compounds, but more research will help to fully understand their positive effects on the human body.

Passionate executive team

NUUD is dedicated to merging the vices of sex and steam to elevate your sexual experience. The company’s products are aimed at couples between the ages of 21 and 65, though singles are still in the mix. NUUD also goes above and beyond by using customer feedback to improve and expand existing product offerings, hoping to solve the shortage of HHC products that address functionality and pleasure in the bedroom.

The executive team at NUUD includes skilled professionals with a complex understanding of the technology behind aphrodisiacs and vaporizers. They work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure that products are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards.

In addition to the first and only Vapordisiac, NUUD offers a wide range of gummies and chocolates with special ingredients to elevate your sexual experience.

“With our heads in the clouds, we dreamed of ways to make love between intimacy and vaping, and voilà– NUUD was born (in a birthday suit, of course),” their website says. “We wanted to create a vape device that elevates your sexual experiences – so why not spice things up?”

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