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Bud Lady: I ​​hear them roar

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“Lady Buds” spotlights some of the most courageous and pioneering women in the cannabis industry.

Recent trends and forecasts estimate that legal sales of adult use in the United States could reach $100 billion as soon as 2030. With these kinds of numbers in the pipeline, it’s easy to feel like Prop 64 in California legalizing adult use of cannabis was light years ago. The documentary lady buds It helps take viewers back to their roots by highlighting the uncertain period leading up to the legalization of adult use and 2017, the year after the important Golden State vote took place. Director Chris J. Russo introduces six pioneers in the exciting and uncertain times that helped shape the historic shift in politics.

the movie It offers a look back at the beginnings of what has evolved into an industry beyond some of our wildest dreams while honoring the women who have become iconic figures in the California cannabis scene. Although each person featured comes from very different walks of life with different paths that led to the cannabis industry, they all faced complex barriers to entering the adult use market. From a second-generation cannabis grower to a former Catholic schoolmaster, what makes these stories special is the thread that runs through each one–a deep determination, tenacious spirit, and unwavering passion for a plant that undeniably changed their lives.

Cannabis activist Felicia Carvajal and her campaign team discuss how to speak to voters on Election Day.

Risk is one of the themes running throughout the film. It is a distinct, obvious fact that brings an unquenchable sense of turmoil lady buds. There are moments of hope, triumph, and excitement that offer heart-warming. And with so much at stake, every woman’s desire to put it all on the line is nothing short of inspiring. Even with local and federal laws changing at breakneck speed, they are still risking their freedom. These leaders don’t just come out of the shadows to face unfamiliar regulations and complex legislation. They face the harsh reality of putting their livelihoods at risk and facing big questions about whether they are willing to go to jail and lose everything, just for what they believe in. There is a lot to consider, but for these change-makers, the way forward.

If you want to view the different pieces that hold the cannabis industry together, this documentary will do the trick. It’s compelling, provocative, and educational—a great trio. Even if you’re not familiar with all the ins and outs of the enactment, the director’s storytelling lens, along with engaging stories, will help bring your attention to the narrative.

lady buds
Lady Buds movie poster

Russo succeeds in shifting perspective away from the typical bro culture associated with cannabis by highlighting some of the industry’s brave female pioneers. Viewers are invited to overcome transition, share tears, and brave their worst fears in this heartfelt delve into what never seems to give up.

This story was originally published in Issue 44 printed edition of hemp now.

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