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A man stabbed a cannabis store clerk to face the death penalty


Charles Michael Haywood, 22, will appear before a judge on Monday, March 27, and will be charged with the fatal stabbing of a woman who worked at a North Carolina cannabis store last year.

Margaret Brassey, 42, was working alone in the Exotic Cannabis Company When Haywood broke into the store. Security footage shows what appears to be Heywood asking her about produce before pulling out a knife and demanding she empty the register. He then stabbed her several times, killing her, even though she complied with his demands.

WECT reports North Carolina is seeking the death penalty for a man charged in the fatal stabbing of a woman who worked at a cannabis store last August, Attorney General Ben David said. WWAY reports Superior Court Judge Don Layton accepted the Attorney General’s office’s motion and ruled.

“This is particularly heinous, outrageous or cruel, given the facts and circumstances surrounding what happened to Margaret Brassey that evening. It was also in the commission of an armed robbery and carried out for financial gain. These are all aggravating factors, as the state has the power to seek the death penalty.” Not every first degree murder qualifies for the death penalty, you must have what are called aggravating circumstances. The judge agreed that on the facts and circumstances of this case Charles Michael Haywood should go ahead and try Charles Michael Haywood for his life,” He said Bandar County District Attorney Ben David.

The warrant details the course of events leading to Brassey’s death.

“Haywood removed the money from the register and then attacked Bracey with the knife, stabbing her multiple times,” says a detective in Surf City, North Carolina. books as possible cause for a search warrant. As a result of the knife attack by Haywood, Brassey was killed.

The memo continues: “Haywood cut his hand during the attack and is seen on video with bleeding from his hand.”

According to the arrest warrant, Haywood took about $750 from the register and put it in his briefcase. He then changed clothes to disguise himself as he left.

The attacker was handed over by his mother after she saw his face on TV.

“[Haywood’s mother] Haywood was brought to the Surf City Police Department where he was interviewed and eventually arrested on charges of first degree murder and armed robbery,” the court document reads. [Haywood’s mother]Heywood, advised, had returned to her quarters with his shirt wrapped around his hand. [She] It was reported that Heywood entered the house and washed. [She] She stated that she examined Heywood and found that he had injuries to his hand that required medical attention. [She] It was reported that Haywood put the shirt he had wrapped around his hand in a rubbish bag and put the rubbish bag in the outside bin.”

While Haywood was held in jail, he was denied bail.

The next court date for the case has not yet been set. District Attorney Ben David says he expects the jury to be selected from among residents who live in Pender County, North Carolina.

“Two of my prosecutors, Jason Smith and Amy White, will actually be handling the case when it comes to trial. I was present at the scene with Jason, the night it happened, and we were all working very closely. That’s something I want to emphasize, you know. These decisions are not made easily. We have over 100 years of prosecutors, around the table with me and the principal investigators, when we have what are called critical case reviews.”

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