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Get high in Big Sky

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Culture is changing. You can feel it. As legalization takes root in more and more places, the full measure of what we mean when we say “cannabis culture” is starting to reveal itself in some really beautiful and surprising ways. Here—in a place beyond 3D close-ups, high THC levels and dab diggers—you’ll find Dangle Supply, the industry’s first company exclusively committed to the timeless pleasure of cannabis consumption in the great outdoors.

Based in the southwest Montanain the bustling, adventure-seeking community of Bozeman, Dangle gets quite a good rep by making great outdoor gear and having loads of fun.

“Adults want beautiful, well-designed things that last,” says Adam Sklar, co-founder of Dangle Supply Company. And adults love to laugh, too. No one is more surprised than us that we succeeded. It was a complete accident that we ended up here.”

DangleBong Titanium water pipes are the first and only titanium water pipes in the world.

In fact, the Origin story Behind Dangle is a bit hazy. Started by a couple of bike geeks as a private joke in 2018, Dangle is now a fully fledged brand with a line of sleek titanium bongs and tubes designed specifically for adventure. With agents around the world, collaborations with internationally-renowned fashion and beer companies and a massive social media presence that is the pinnacle of risqué, PG-13 humor, Dangle’s success is no accident.

If their website and various media channels are to be believed, the company was actually started in 1969 by “Mr. Dan Gullbongs”, an avid bike touring enthusiast who came across a rogue group of metallurgical monks in the Swiss Alps in the mid-20th century. There Dan learned the dark arts of titanium tubing, a skill he soon harnessed to make water pipes to fit His preferred lifestyle of casual cruises, bikes, car camping and nature.As the story goes, Dan then handed the company over to his son, “Danny Julpong,” a born business boy.And Dangle Supply was born—a business that lives and thrives at the intersection of Weed and enjoy nature.

But “Danny” is actually Adam, a professional bicycle builder and ancient magician of titanium. And Danny Jr., the other main figure in the backstory dangling thanks to his legendary making within the company, is Colin Fraser, co-founder, artist, and professor of graphic design at California Institute of the Arts. In fact, the Dangle duo started out as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the exploding popularity of bike-packing (go bike-cross camping) and the tradition of trimming gear for yourself or your bike frame (dangle-up).

Adam made ten beats at first [as part of the joke] And we figured we’d have a good laugh when we gave them to friends,” Fraser says. “Like, that’s the silliest thing you could hang a kind of joke from. But we already sold it, so we made another 100. And we sold it in one day. It just went off on its own from there.”

Dangle Supply Company
The Unbreakable Big Ripper is a beautiful example of modern design.

But success isn’t just a fluke on the Internet. Certainly, Sklar and Frazer have found a huge gap in the market where cannabis consumers and outdoor recreation converge. In fact, they say Dangle is essentially an offshore company, one that reflects the new realities of cannabis culture in a growing legal landscape. There’s also the fact that they make great stuff. Have a session with the “Big Ripper” or toss a fully loaded “Lettuce Wrap” in your bag for a day in the country, and it soon becomes apparent that Dangle is much more than a well-executed prank; Its form and function are balanced with the eye of a designer and the mind of a cannabis lover. Bomb-proof elegance that gets the job done and keeps it going all the way.

Then there’s Ty, the face of Dangle. According to his email signature, Ty Baunghs is the company’s official COO. But it’s also their spirit animal.

Big-lens, thick-rimmed glasses and blessed with a dark, eye-catching beard, Baunghs is the unassuming hero of Dangle’s imagined world, long-haired, soft-spoken, and wears jeans and boots. He goes fishing and catches himself while dressed as a bong-smoking wild salmon. He puts on his underwear and paints himself green before taking a pickup in the woods on Earth Day. He makes PSAs for safety during fire season and tirelessly presides over quality control in the bong and pipe departments.

In reality, Ty is Taylor Wallace, a Texas-born Renaissance guy Adam and Colin brought on board just as the “little joke” was starting to grow. Wallace, who runs the beloved partner’s coffee shop in Bozeman from the back of the late Ford Bronco, is a man of many talents. Almost immediately, Wallace helped Dangle streamline customer support, fulfilling all company requests in-house and promoting Dangle’s storytelling behaviors. It was only a matter of time before Ty began plotting with Dan and Danny about the best way to showcase the relaxing, happy cannabis vibes that are at the heart of Dangle Supply Company.

“It’s about being able to enjoy something casual,” Tai says of Dangle’s appeal. “For me, that’s ripping a bong out on a Sunday morning and then off to the garage to rebuild my car’s carburetor. I think a lot of people are drawn to that kind of power.”

Dangle Supply Company
Dangle Supply is all about getting outside and enjoying nature.

The Unbreakable Bonnetg

Have you ever wished you could tie a bong to your carabiner while navigating the great outdoors? Well, Dangle Supply is ready to make your next adventure even more cannabis-friendly.

Made by outdoor types for outdoor types, Dangle has crafted the perfect indestructible pong to take on the road. Weighing just 133 grams and standing seven inches tall, the DangleBong Titanium water tube is as easy to hold as it is to use. Simply fill the sleek chamber with water, attach the UltraSucc 18mm titanium bowl-piece filled to the strainer of your choice, and get your hands on a great experience. Made from medical-grade titanium core and equipped with additional filter holes, the UltraSucc jug delivers an ultra-smooth pull every time. Or if tapping is your style, substitute the bowl with your favorite 18mm screw. Also included is the RubbPlugg Silicone Lid, which stops water spills while you’re on the go.

From camping and backpacking to biking, jogging or kayaking, Dangle’s unbreakable, non-reactive titanium tube is ready to go – no more stress on brittle glass tubes. They come in several different colors: the classic rough titanium, as well as the blue and orange slick. These balls are dishwasher safe, are better for the environment, and can be passed down through generations. Right up there with the headlamp, portable stove, and sleeping pad, this trusty tube will likely be added to your list of essentials when packing for your next outdoor trip. – Gracie Malley

DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe | $169.42

This story was originally published in Issue 44 printed edition of hemp now.

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