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Arkansas oversized marijuana lawsuit moves from civil court to federal court

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Arkansas lawsuit alleges three medical marijuana growers and a state testing lab colluded to exaggerate potency levels of THC in products It was transferred to federal court.

According to Law360, the lawsuit, originally Submitted in February In the Pulaski County Courthouse, a multimillion-dollar arrangement was drawn up between the conspirators to defraud the patients.


Growers Bold Team, Osage Creek Cultivation, and NSMC-OPCO, as well as Steep Hill testing lab, are named in the civil suit, which asserts that their products are tested 25 percent higher than other labs.

The lawsuit also accuses Steep Hill of exaggerating the effectiveness of THC to incentivize companies to hire them.

Questionable laboratory standards, enforcement and the practice of “lab shopping”, in which growers seek higher potencies, have been problematic in several other countries.

In an effort to standardize testing nationally, two well-established cannabis companies — Michigan-based ACT

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