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THC NYC offers an exceptional multi-sensory experience

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Some would call me irritable because, as a longtime writer and resident of New York City, I’ve been called upon to cover so many amazing editorials, product launches, concerts and press gigs. I went there and did it. So why is it that during the pre-opening soft launch of this THC NYC restaurant (The House of Cannabis) ahead of tomorrow’s official opening to the public, my jaw constantly dropped to the floor? The truth is, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Their website describes THC NYC as a “multisensory navigation experience,” but that’s it, to put it mildly: The 30,000-square-foot space covers five floors in a gorgeous SoHo loft in lower Manhattan, and within minutes, I’m walking around the Hall of Mirrors. , which come alive as they ride on a giant rotating table, amazed by a series of gallery-like art installations, glow-in-the-dark, and cooled mini-theaters for truly psychedelic mental movies.

Before and after this delightful assault on the senses, I was among the hundreds of guests happily gathered in the classic airy lounge – in fact, the penthouse (available for private parties) – with its sumptuous furnishings, lounge seating and decked out with various cannabis plants. The place was filled with an insanely eclectic mix of vibrant New Yorkers; Including casually dressed hipsters, chic supermodels, and seniors, not to mention a bunch of weed royalty: nothing but Sheesh Marine And Tommy Chong They were in the hemp house.

THC NYC is a multi-sensory transport experience.

Inside THC NYC

Here are some highlights from my brief excursion inside THC NYC, which spans multiple floors and houses ten galleries showcasing art, music, fashion, farming, and repair.

The Fourth Floor is a stunning feast for the senses: a multimedia journey through the past, present, and future of cannabis called “The Forum,” where you can experience a range of artistic, historical, ceremonial, oppressive, and iconic moments that cannabis has had on our culture. “We wanted to highlight the social injustices surrounding cannabis, especially in the black and brown communities,” says Robert Fry, owner of The House of Cannabis.

It was near the “music” room, which is an amazing mix of lights featuring a giant turntable, which you can lie on as it slowly spins while you listen to a bunch of tunes on headphones. “It’s like silent disco,” says Frey. Everything Do It looks better on vinyl.

But perhaps in the highlight among the many hikes, I marveled at the Hypnodrome, where you can relax in THC NYC’s stunning studio replica of an indoor garden, which encourages people to loiter and relax among a giant sculptural representation of the Tree of Life, meant to reflect how cannabis culture creates Nice sense of community. You can also soar to new heights in the mini-theatre, which features stunning visuals that replicate what the brain goes through when you’re high. We all sat in the amazingly comfortable lounge chairs and were blown away as we plunged into the brain perspective.

Although still under construction, there will also be a stunning growing area (“The Growing Room”) which is described on the destination’s website as “New York’s first ever urban grow-high education of the plant life cycle at every stage.” of growth.”

THC NYC, The House of Cannabis opens tomorrow, April 7th. To get tickets, visit thcnyc.com.

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