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Arkansas lawmakers are passing a bill protecting the rights of medical marijuana patients, sending it to the governor’s office

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The Arkansas Senate has approved a bill to make it clear that medical marijuana patients can obtain concealed carry licenses for firearms, and send them to the governor.

Legislation from MP Aaron Pilkington (R) moved quickly through the legislature, House cleaning on Tuesday Then move through one upper house A committee Before passing the full House by a vote of 26-3 on Friday.

“No other prescription drug, including opioids, denies anyone access [concealed carry] license. Medical marijuana patients should be no exception,” Senator Clint Pinzo (R) He said On the ground. “This bill guarantees eligible Arkansans the right to obtain a concealed carry license, regardless of their medical marijuana status.”

It remains to be seen what Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) will do with the proposal, but the measure passed with more than enough support to override any potential veto.

The bill states that a person’s status as a qualified medical cannabis patient in the state cannot be used “in determining whether an applicant qualifies for a license to carry a concealed handgun.”

State law will also be amended to clarify that participation in a medical marijuana program does not mean that a person is

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