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Benzinga Capital Cannabis Conference Miami 2023

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Social media, particularly Twitter, was a central topic of discussion at the 16th Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference (BCCC), which took place in Fontainebleau Miami Beach, April 11-12. Medical marijuana is legal by prescription in Florida.

With nearly 2,500 in attendance, Benzinga Saw a 20% increase in ticket sales from Miami conference last year. Pre-pandemic attendance numbers were less than 900, according to Benzinga’s cannabis and drug division chief, Elliot Lin.

“This year’s event, while the DC convention, saw nearly 1,000 congregate with our largest audience still fighting for the legalized cannabis industry at the toughest time this space has ever faced,” says Lane. “We’ve seen politicians, investors, larger companies, new brands, industrial services and many others tell us how they plan to be competitive and not just survive but thrive in the next 12 to 18 months.”

On the panel “CBD: Star Child for the Cannabis Industry” he moderates hemp now Contributor Sarah Brittany Somerset, Tennessee-based indoor planting company FlugardensDirector of Strategy and Member of the Board of Directors David Miller Talk about looking at the fact that while the capital markets are down in the cannabis sector, it’s time to re-analyze CBD as a safer investment. Miller noted that there are no problems in the CBD sector with Compliance with IRS 280-E And the ability to ship nationwide as the top reasons to give cannabidiol a leg up on its more potent predecessor.

However, Lane says, “The cannabis industry is far from giving up, and we saw that this whole week in Miami.”

Conference sponsor David Traylor of Golden Eagle Partners echoed Lane’s sentiments.

Opportunities abound on Twitter

Alexa Alianiellohead of cannabis partnerships at Twitter, took center stage on Benzinga, sharing her passion for the plant and its potential by recounting her life-changing journey with cannabis.

Twitter made social media history by becoming the first platform to allow cannabis advertising in March. While Meta-owned platforms Instagram and Facebook continually delete cannabis-related profiles, Twitter has made impactful internal policy changes to enable cannabis and ancillary brands to self-promote and drive sales directly.

The comprehensive advertising policy is the most substantial and comprehensive in the industry, creating a scalable and distinct new marketing channel for cannabis, Alianiello said Attending the Benzinga Conference.

“We found that the best content on Twitter follows a few different characteristics: it’s entertaining, it’s informative, and it’s relevant,” Alianiello said. “What I want to talk about is the power of advertising to change perception; to illuminate the potential of this category; to elevate it and bring it forward.”

Time will tell if advertising cannabis companies on Twitter will help the industry recover.

After Alianiello’s well-received remarks, a powerful all-female C-Suite panel spoke about how they built an eating empire. Led by publicist Rosie Mattio, principle Mattio Communications, the main takeaway for discussion was the use of consumer data to differentiate consumer packaged goods (CPG) trends.

Meanwhile, on the fairgrounds, Fight is a non-profit organization run by the Warriors Veterans Choice Foundation It is located close to fellow exhibitors, women-owned businesses and brand accelerators The woman is growing. While the collaboration between Benzinga and Women It started at the previous conference in ChicagoThe partnership between the two powerful entities continues to thrive.

Dr. Chanda Macias, MBA, Ph.D., Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO of Women Grow, described how multi-state operators (MSOs) hit the mark: “A lot of MSOs came out and they had a broader reach, but they didn’t penetrate deep into the markets. So, they didn’t. They didn’t have the roots to connect them to these markets. It was then easy to withdraw them and make them irrelevant across the national landscape.”

Dr. Macías stresses how important it is to understand where you want to make an impact.

“When considering expanding your business, it is important to consider how dedicated you are to that particular region or state and whether you are willing to do the work to achieve the depth of market needed to become an anchor in that region,” she said. .

Dr. Macías, who is also the CEO of the Cannabis and Cannabis Healthcare Foundation national inclusivityInc., headquartered in Washington, D.C., further emphasized the importance of service to a dedicated community.

“I’m out to change the hearts and minds of so many people who need access to medicine,” she said. “Not everyone will understand it, but those whose lives I’ve helped change by giving them an alternative form of medication will support me every single day, and that’s what I fight for.”

The release of Benzinga Cannabis 16 marked the first time that a nonprofit organization run by veterans had a meaningful presence.

“Being involved with Benzinga was an amazing opportunity to share the Warriors Choice Foundation’s mission to help veterans in need. The realization of the efficacy of cannabis and drug therapies in my life’s journey has been underscored through Benzinga,” said WCF Executive Director Anthony Longo. “I am grateful to Benzinga for promoting my local organization.”

Longo’s companion service dog, Bourbon, has been playfully awarded an Expo badge, highlighting the atmosphere of the fun, albeit serious investor conference.

Monsoon leads Boon in closing deals

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference took place during a monsoon in Miami that flooded Fort Lauderdale Airport, which was so severe that fish were swimming on the runway while planes’ tires were underwater.

However, the inclement weather turned out to be a boon for Benzinga’s contact, as more attendees stayed longer at the venue while waiting for the airport to reopen rather than venturing into separate events or risking flying home in potentially dangerous conditions via different airports. Some guests decide to stay for the weekend, freeing up time to facilitate further deals and meetings. People were socializing by the pool at Fontainebleau once the weather finally cleared.

With Benzinga 16 complete and dusting off, expectations are already building for the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago Downtown Marriott Magnificent Mile On September 27 and 28, 2023.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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