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Report: 39% of consumers plan to take time off work to celebrate April 20th

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A recent report issued by wellness ayr Discover the shifting trends and popularity of cannabis consumption activities in 4/20. More than 900 cannabis consumer participants, ages 21 to 74, were asked a variety of questions between February and March.

According to AYR Wellness President and CEO David Goubert, the study sheds some new light on the continuing rise in popularity of cannabis. “Our 4/20 survey proves that the casual cannabis holiday still holds a special place in the hearts of consumers, with nearly 40% planning to quit to celebrate,” said Joubert. Forbes. “The data also revealed some compelling findings about how people prefer to consume cannabis — from who they consume with to what formats they prefer to take — that AYR can use to create more meaningful interactions with our customers.”

Joubert pointed to the statistic that 39% of participants stated that they were planning to take a vacation for 20/4. In addition, 31% of respondents said that 4/20 is a “special occasion” (specifically 42% of medical cannabis consumers also think that 420 is a “special day”).

However, 71% of the participants said their consumption habits would not change on 4/20, while 23% said they plan to consume more cannabis than they normally would.

Of those who admitted that they were planning to celebrate, 70% said they were interested in trying drinks or drink enhancers. For those who prefer flower, the study also found that 61% of participants chose to crush their flowers with their hands rather than using a grinder (an answer shared by 73% of those between the ages of 55 and 74).

April falls on a Thursday this year, and because it falls on a weekday, 73% of consumers said they would consume after 5pm (and 47% would consume later in the evening after 10pm). While 78% of consumers intend to consume alone, 43% are “somewhat comfortable” spending time with others while using cannabis, 45% said they are “somewhat comfortable” being under the influence in public, and 44% are “somewhat comfortable” with being under the influence in public. Somewhat comfortable” “consuming at a social gathering where cannabis is not consumed by everyone involved.

A new trend is also starting to pick up for some cannabis companies that have chosen to give their employees paid time off to celebrate the holiday, such as Massachusetts-based Temescal Wellness. “4/20 is a day to show appreciation, love, and respect for cannabis and its ability to help amplify the health and happiness people experience in their daily lives,” said Temescal Wellness Director of Retail and Customer Engagement. Sean Leininger. “For us, it is a day to celebrate our employees, whose passion, knowledge and genuine dedication inspire their unparalleled service to our customers and community on all other days of the year.”

in the same vein, Pregnancy nurseries in sacramento He announced on April 6th that April 20th would also be a paid holiday. “Paid vacation is the company’s way of showing gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our employees,” said Kevin Brooks, founder and CEO of Conception Nurseries. “Spending the day also gives us a chance to reflect on the purpose of our hard work in this industry – where we came from and where we are going.”

April 20th is back in full swing this year now that pandemic risks have subsided, and sales are expected to break more records. Last year, $485.3 million in cannabis sales were collected over the entire time frame between Friday, April 15th and Wednesday, April 20th, according to data I collected. Ocherna. A recent report from luck Projects that could bring the cannabis industry as a whole to $35.5 billion by the end of the year, and nearly $57 billion by 2028.

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