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Answers to all your 420 hot questions

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From viral memes to congressional bills, 420 has evolved from very humble origins to fully make its way into popular culture. Initially used as an abbreviation for cannabis itself, the 420’s visual resemblance to a calendar date would eventually inspire crowds to gather every April 20th to celebrate all things cannabis.

proud of history Incorporating everything from treasure maps to the Grateful Dead, 420 is a cultural heirloom, slang, and vacation all rolled into one. Are you ready for a refresher? Check out our cheat sheet below to learn about the group of high school students who first coined the phrase, how the holiday is celebrated today and to debunk some major misconceptions.

What is 420?

Simply put, 420 means cannabis. Before it gained widespread popularity, the term served a practical purpose as it allowed those in the know to refer to cannabis separately without anyone else being the wiser. Today, however, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Part of that has to do with 420 being the inspiration for the large-scale celebrations dedicated to cannabis that take place, appropriately, on April 20 (4/20) each year, with many choosing to light up exactly when the clock hits 4:20 p.m. to mark the occasion. As acceptance and interest in cannabis continues to expand in recent years, the format of 420 Celebrations — once relegated to “if you knew, you know” reunions — has shifted radically to major productions fronted by top talent.

Where did the term 420 originate from?

Despite what your uncle may have told you, here’s the real, honest back story behind the 420: It was invented by some high school kids from Northern California. More specifically, it was a group of teens in Marin County who called themselves the And stomp.

As they have told many times, in 1971 the group was given a map that purportedly led to a hidden crop of cannabis growing somewhere in West Marine. Thus the phrase “420” was concocted as a way for group members to confirm their plans to meet at 4:20 pm after school each day to search for their prized marijuana. Although they never found it, the term stuck, turning into a sneaky group synonym for cannabis. The parent would go on to work in The Grateful Dead’s legendary psychedelic rock sound, bringing with him his role as unwittingly voicing and paving the way for the 420 to gain worldwide appeal as it expanded and spread from there.

Later, Waldos admitted they were as surprised as anyone to see 420 pop up on benches and backpacks all over the planet, while Amsterdam’s reputation as a consumer of pot and host of cannabis mugs would infuse the term into culture. Finally, the initiation of progressive laws aimed at expanding access to cannabis—starting, not coincidentally, with Prop 215 in California in 1996—has made possible lower-risk, plant-focused mass gatherings, paving the way for our modern era of April 20th celebrations.

How is the 420 celebrated?

There is no technically correct way to celebrate the 420th, although most revelers suggest eating cannabis in some form. In cities and states with progressive cannabis laws on the books, public gatherings are often organized to celebrate the day, while others are content to get together with a few friends and share a common time.

As a shopping opportunity, many brands often offer their best Black Friday-style deals through April 20, while others launch special, limited-edition products. In addition to its appeal as a party, April 20 is often used as an opportunity to educate and advocate for the progress that is yet to come in the form of marches, rallies, and informational seminars.

How popular is 420 today?

In short: very. While there was a time when you could talk about “getting a 420” to your boyfriend in front of a parent and hope they get rid of it, these days that phrase is hard to miss. However, it still holds a special place in culture as a nickname for cannabis that has no equal.

Regarding the popularity of celebrating 420, it goes number of events To choose from it seems to be rising every year. Now featuring previously unimaginable components like paid sponsors and licensed on-site sales and consumption, the April 20th attraction continues to grow in stature and scope with each passing spring.

I heard 420 was a reference to the police code to bust weed. Is this correct?

As mentioned above, the 420 was invented by a group of high school students in the 1970s. Unfortunately, the truth is often buried under a veritable avalanche of misinformation. Some of the more original 420 superstitions include the suggestion that it is the police code for marijuana arrest; It represents the number of chemicals/compounds present in cannabis; Or it is associated with Adolf Hitler’s birthday. These are all completely wrong, yet despite readily available evidence to the contrary, these myths continue to resonate in pockets of cannabis culture both domestically and abroad. do you want more? Snopes has a file A wide range Over 420 fables to explore.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.
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