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Celebrity stars in 420 videos to apply for pardon

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On this week’s tour, which covers 420 holidays, celebrities highlight the plight of cannabis prisoners; A bipartisan law was introduced for the inevitable end of Prohibition; Superplastic launches a new collectible in collaboration with famed Los Angeles graffiti artist OG Slick; Portland was named the best city in the United States for cannabis lovers.

Celebrities highlight cannabis prison reform in new amnesty to make progress campaign

What better day to shine a spotlight on those imprisoned for cannabis while the rest of the industry celebrates their freedom to consume cannabis than the 420? Another prisoner project And HeadCount teamed up to advocate for criminal justice reform for cannabis with their star-studded launch Amnesty campaign to advance. HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project aims to mobilize voters to register to vote so they can demand freedom for cannabis prisoners from local lawmakers.

Several celebrities and prominent cannabis advocates have lent their support to the launch of Pardons to Progress and urged their followers to celebrate the 420 by helping to free the tens of thousands of Americans still imprisoned on cannabis-related charges. Chelsea Handler, Susan Sarandon, David Diggs, Ilana Glazer, Montel Williams, John Dinsmore, Michael Franti, Ricky Williams They are just some of the stars featured in the call-to-action video Pardon for Progress.

“Americans on both sides of the aisle support pardons for those with cannabis convictions. But the public should pressure their governors to do the right thing,” Ricky Williams said. “That’s why I joined the Pardons for Progress campaign to encourage people to get their governor to use their power.” In compassion for the release of all cannabis prisoners.”

HeadCount, one of the nation’s largest voter registration organizations, launched the Cannabis Voter Project in 2018. The initiative aims to engage and turn out voters through cannabis reform, a cause championed across the political spectrum and a very motivating cause for many Americans who are disillusioned with government

“Millions of Americans today will celebrate by consuming cannabis, but it is important to remember that people are still behind bars for doing the same,” said Sam D’Arcangelo, HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project Manager Regarding 420 in a press release. “Telling your governor how you feel about this injustice is easier than rolling a joint. We encourage everyone to do so.”

Photo by SeanPavonePhoto

Portland has been ranked as the best city for cannabis

More than half of Americans (58%) think Los Angeles is the most weed-friendly city, followed by San Diego (45%) and Sacramento (42%). But the real winner is just over 800 miles north.

according to New reportPortland is now America’s most weed-friendly city. Various criteria, including cannabis legality, dispensary data, pot prices and more, were analyzed to rank the best places to cannabis in 2023.

An ounce of high-quality cannabis costs about $210 in Portland, which has the lowest cannabis prices in the country (34% cheaper than the national average of $316). In contrast, Washington, D.C. has the most expensive marijuana, with an ounce of high-quality cannabis costing $590, or 87% more than the national average.

In addition, Portland has 4.5 times more dispensaries per 100,000 residents than the national average (13.7 vs. 3.1).

The limited edition Superplastic x OG Slick collectibles are Pakalolo Green (L) and LA Blue (R). The image is super plastic

Superplastic x OG Slick debuts new cannabis-themed collectibles

in celebration of 420, Superplastic released two new limited edition figurines in collaboration with OG Slick, a famous Los Angeles graffiti artist and longtime collaborator. The two new designs, Pakalolo Green and LA Blue, follow Superplastic and OG Slick’s initial, sold-out collaboration “Love Red.”

Based on the graffiti artist’s standard tool, a can of spray paint, each design incorporates OG Slick elements and pays homage to the artist’s longstanding passion for Japanese culture in boldly printed characters across the front.

Bacallolo Green It is the “high” version of the series and features Slick’s signature hinged handles. LA Blue features the artist’s signature “LA Hands” calling card. Both numbers make a real rattle sound when shaken. You can find collectibles at the NTWRK store in Los Angeles as well as on the NTWRK app and through Superplastic.

“OG Slick has a unique lens on art and parody. It’s always exciting to see his vision unfold through the world of characters in Superplastic,” Superplastic chief creative officer Galen McKamy said in a press release.

OG Slick is a key figure in West Coast’s contribution to the global graffiti scene. His critique of popular culture and insightful use of irony and parody have come to define his signature style in a wide range of works. The two new Superplastic designs pay homage to both his love of cannabis and its calming effects as well as Los Angeles, his adoptive home.

“I am very excited to build on my previous collaboration with Superplastic, a brand that has always supported my creative intuition and helped me connect with my fans about their mutual love/hate relationship with vinyl toys,” says OG Slick. “Hosting this event with Superplastic and NTWRK here in LA means a lot to me, as it allows me to reconnect and do something special with my local LA family while also giving people all over the world the opportunity to enjoy these characters.”

Pardon the progress
Photo by W. Scott McGill

The Standby Act has been reintroduced with federal ratification on the horizon

Two US lawmakers again introduced legislation in preparation for federal legalization of cannabis. Reps. Dave Joyce (OH-14) and Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08) on April 14 reinstated the Act to Effectively Prepare Regulators for the Post-Prohibition Regulated Adult Use Environment Act (PREPARE). Adopt regulations if you decide to end the cannabis ban.

The Preparedness Act was created to provide experts of all ideological backgrounds with the opportunity to discuss cannabis reform and to give lawmakers the information they need to create a safe and effective federal regulatory structure. Without this involvement, it is unclear that Congress would be able to craft the bipartisan agreement required to implement the federal cannabis policy demanded by citizens nationwide.

“With nearly every state adopting its own set of cannabis reforms, an end to the federal ban on cannabis is inevitable,” Joyce said in a statement. public statement. “Now is the time for the federal government to respect the will of its constituents and start the conversation around fair and effective regulation of cannabis. The Preparedness Act will give lawmakers a bipartisan platform to legislate not only a just and responsible end to Prohibition but a safer future for our communities.”

The proposal seeks to give experts a forum to debate about changing cannabis policy and to provide politicians with the knowledge needed to create a federal regulatory framework. The Preparedness Act would specifically require the Attorney General to create a Committee on Federal Cannabis Regulations, which would provide guidance on how to build cannabis regulations that are similar to the federal and state frameworks for alcohol.

Americans of all political stripes know it’s time for cannabis reform, and the federal government must be willing to embrace and lead this change. Jefferies, the House Democratic leader, said public statement. “The Preparedness Act is a bipartisan solution that will lay the foundation for definitively fixing these wrongs in a way that enhances public safety and strengthens our economy. I am grateful to Congressman Joyce for reintroducing this important law and his leadership to help the federal government prepare for the inevitable end of the cannabis ban.”

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