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Oregon approves first-ever Psilocybin testing lab as state prepares to open up anesthetic services

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The pieces are coming together for Oregon’s psilocybin services program, where regulators announced Friday that they have approved the first state-licensed testing lab for the drug.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) said the license goes to Rose City Laboratories, LLC.

“Laboratory testing ensures the safety of psilocybin products, and accurate labeling of psilocybin potency allows customers to participate in administration sessions with products that meet their needs,” said Angie Albee, director of Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) in a press release.

This development comes days after the OHA accepted the nation The first state-licensed facilitators to administer psilocybin For adults in regulated facilities. The organizers also agreed The first license issued by the state for a psilocybin plant Last month

Officials are tasked under the landmark voter-approved initiative to begin issuing licenses to manufacture, test and administer psilocybin by January 2, 2023. OPS He said It “expects to issue licenses to service center applicants in the coming months.”

The OHA has also approved permits for 60 psilocybin operators to date. A total of 302 worker permits and license applications were submitted Presenter to the state as of Wednesday.

Administration sessions may only be held at statewide licensed service centers offering psilocybin products produced by licensed manufacturers and tested by

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