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Nasdaq warns marijuana technology company Agriify that it is not compliant

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The Nasdaq has warned another marijuana company that it could be delisted if it does not comply with the rules.

Agrify Corp. , a Massachusetts-based cannabis cultivation and extraction solutions company, Received a notice of non-compliance from Nasdaq Because the company did not file a Form 10-K with its full-year financial results with the SEC on time.


The company that trades on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange as AGFYcould be delisted from the exchange if it fails to regain compliance, according to a press release.

Agriify has until June 20th to submit a plan on how to restore compliance.

If Nasdaq accepts the plan, Agriify will have up to 180 days to file Form 10-K.

If Nasdaq rejects the plan, the company can appeal the decision.

No action will be taken at this time.

Agriify said it is restating the financial results

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