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Nuts, nuts, and self-control – an exploration of abstinence, booze, and cannabis consumption

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Nuts, nuts and self control

In a world where instant gratification takes center stage, the idea of ​​self-control can feel like a relic of a bygone era. However, developing discipline and self-control remains a vital aspect of personal growth and well-being. The ancient Greeks extolled the virtues of moderation, and the same principles remain true today, especially when it comes to indulging in life’s pleasures. In “Nuts, Nuts, and Self-Control,” we will explore the relationship between self-control, cannabis consumption, and sexual restraint.

Self-control is, at its core, about consciously choosing our actions and regulating our impulses. It is the ability to harness our desires and direct them in a way that serves our long-term goals and values. When it comes to cannabis, this means striking a delicate balance between enjoying the plant’s myriad benefits and avoiding the dangers of overeating. As we embark on this journey of self-discovery, we will delve into the power of self-control and its ability to transform our lives in unexpected ways.

Over the past few years, I have had an important journey inward as many have during the pandemic. Many of us have chosen different ways, starting to work on our character, body and soul. I too underwent a similar transformation and am still on that path.

Over the past five years, I have been able to kick the smoking habit that has been slowly absorbing my life. I started working on a project that filled my soul, instead of endlessly punching holes on the keyboard to make money.

I stared into my inner abyss and didn’t hesitate as the shadows started to cast out. These poorly learned habits that were unconsciously gifted to us by our younger selves and that plague our daily endeavors. Those are the voices of insecurity and shame, the inner critic at its finest. Shit you don’t want anyone else to know.

Or maybe you’ve come to some point in becoming comfortable with your own demons. Maybe it’s just some mean agreement between you and that “inner bitch” as David Goggins calls her.

And so, as a seasoned, life-long veteran who’s been able to take a T-Break and a “NuttBreak” for extended periods of time. I decided to write this very important article. It is an article about self-transformation by taming some of the fundamental forces that exist within our bodies.

Find the root of your vice?

As we delve deeper into our vices, it is essential to recognize that our habits, whether they manifest themselves in bluntness or succumbing to craving, often serve as temporary fixes for deeper emotional wounds. These seemingly harmless indulgences provide us with fleeting relief, but like an emotional credit card, we accumulate mounting debts that eventually catch up with us.

The addict in us knows these actions are detrimental to our well-being, yet we are adamant. When this realization pops up on us, it is the universe’s way of signaling that it is time to confront our inner demons. It may seem daunting, but just acknowledging the emptiness in our lives puts us on the path to healing.

Our habits act as a coping mechanism for past traumas, unfulfilled desires, and stress release for the challenges we face. As we try to unravel the root of our vice, we may encounter resistance from our ego, which seeks to maintain the status quo.

So, if you find that cannabis, self-pleasure, social media, gaming, or any other pleasure is no longer bringing you joy, it’s time to pay close attention to what comes next. The journey of self-discovery begins with a deep exploration of the underlying causes of these compulsions. When we peel back the layers, we will find that our habits are often manifestations of unresolved pain or unmet needs.

Confronting the root cause of our vices is an essential step toward regaining control and finding true fulfillment. Take this opportunity to confront your demons, and embark on a journey toward healing and personal growth.

Why do I include “flickering”?

Porn and masturbation are often interconnected, creating a powerful combination that alters brain chemistry. Scientific studies have shown that engaging in these activities can trigger a dopamine feedback loop, leading to addiction.

However, unlike other addictions, it is actually celebrated and promoted. We keep it a secret hidden behind closed doors, but don’t let anyone see your browser history because your “facade of health” will most likely turn into some corrupt perversion of your external expectations.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing inherently wrong with taking a stroll or watching porn, however, when you’re on a path of self-discovery and personal empowerment – these are distractions that make you obedient.

Therefore, anyone who is serious about improving their quality of life may consider “lack of self-control to masturbate or watch pornography” as a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Pair a healthy porn addiction with cannabis overuse — and you’ve got a room full of crunchy Kleenex stuffed into any crevice that best hides your shame.

As we strive to become the best versions of ourselves, recognizing and dealing with these vices is essential. By developing self-control and breaking free from the shackles of addiction, we can create space for growth, healing, and progression. It’s time to face our demons, overcome our weaknesses, and grow a healthy, fulfilling life aligned with our highest aspirations.

Why am I including cannabis in this list?

While cannabis is not a problem for me personally, some people use it as one of their “escape pills.” This is mostly because they just don’t have their shit together and are looking for easy ways to “feel good” and don’t want to face the music.

I have been smoking weed for over twenty years and smoked it late as a teenager. I was high every weekend, then every day … Then I bought kilos.

One summer I did not leave the basement and smoked for three months. People brought food and entertainment, and my buddies and I smoked for 90 days straight.

Now, I realize that I was a teenager stuck in the euphoria of being young, but as I got older, I realized that my use was excessive and not at all personally building. So I quit for 3-4 years to control myself.

Once I started smoking again, my relationship with it changed and I now use it as a tool within my arsenal. I consider it a “plant medicine” and use it to be more productive.

However, I have also known several flue smokers who continued to do nothing but smoke weed all day long. And if that’s what they want, it’s their choice. Everyone is free to do anything with their life, however, after a while, that’s when the emotional debtor comes in to collect the money – and that’s when most “addicts” find rock bottom.

I use the word “addicted” not to indicate the potency of cannabis, but rather that the substance or activity is irrelevant to the addict. If you’re not weeds, it might be their genitals.

How do you stop coercion?

The first thing is to identify these loops. This means that you only have to become “watchful” when you do everything you do.

Notice when you do it, your surroundings, the apps you use, the shows you watch, the people you spend time with… all of these things are part of the environment.

Secondly, you need to understand that you must make a “life-altering decision.” A non-negotiable decision. You have to commit yourself to the process and “accept ahead of time” the pain and suffering you may be enduring.

You have to be of the mindset that says, “No matter how hard it gets… I will endure.” You basically need to let go that you “forever” won’t do this because that’s no longer “who you are.”

Which brings me to the third reason – WHY!

Why would you suffer? Why give up your pleasures? That’s why he needs to be strong. You must have determination.

In my case, when it came to cannabis it was just a test of “am I addicted” and I found I used it a little more sometimes, but if there’s no more cannabis tomorrow – I’ll be fine

When it came to drawing, it was more thoughtful. Maybe because it was one of my first vices.

There, the battle of sexual powers broke out, tied to ideas of self-worth… I mean, I’m going to write a book completely about that experience.

The point is, when you make a decision about “who you are,” you can craft a “why” that can help you through the hardest part of letting go.

Then you focus on who you have and work on it, dig through your promises and move on. This is the only way I know how to effectively restore self by facing your demons head on, accepting everything – even your failures, but most importantly….becoming a different version of you.

Who you are today must die, to make room for who you were meant to be.

Which was the hardest?

Personally, I find nut control to be more complex and require a greater degree of self-control than smoking weed. I’m sure most of those addicted to cannabis are also addicted to fapping. In fact, I personally think that it is probably one of the most prevalent addictions in society and if more people try to control it – they will find more fulfillment in life, hard things, etc.

Personally, the complexity of harnessing your biological duty and in a “taming the beast” way, it’s much more difficult than quitting cannabis.

With weed, you simply have to keep yourself occupied and do some exercises or yoga to supplement the drop of cannabis that you will experience from abstinence.

However, when it comes to snatching, society is designed to make you think about sex. It’s in all of our ads and all over the internet. We’re conditioned to look at attractive people in scantily clad tapping into our most primal instincts to procreate.

However, when you have the power to control yourself enough, to say “no” and commit to a higher standard of life – you will raise your gaze from your crotch to the horizon and begin to enjoy a powerful sexual drive … almost – to achieve your goals.

So, if you’re currently in the realm of excess… take a 21-day T-break and challenge yourself in the shooting department. You might learn a thing or two.

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