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Twitter is improving its weed policy to allow packaged products and more


Twitter opens the door for packaged herbal product advertisers, The News agency reportswith improved changes to advertising that it would start allowing THC ads in addition to CBD ads this past February.

The new changes will allow cannabis products packaged in creative advertising, and include medical cannabis markets and adult-use cannabis markets. It’s the most recent major shift on the platform since then It was bought by Elon Musk In April 2022.

“As of today, in some US states, we have taken measures to mitigate our own Cannabis advertising policy To create more opportunities for responsible cannabis marketing – the biggest step forward by any social media platform,” Alexa Aglianiello, of Twitter US Sales & Partnerships and Rohan Routroy, of Twitter Next books In a blog post on the Twitter website.

When Twitter initially announced changes to its advertising policy in February, Twitter users Criticize How many features are still not working. Users have complained that features like geo-targeting and conversion tracking still don’t work. Some features appear to be in beta.

The new changes could solve some of these problems, in theory. “Going forward, Twitter allows advertisers to promote brand preferences and cannabis-related media content for CBD, THC, and cannabis-related products and services,” the blog post reads.

The post continues, “We look forward to helping more clients unlock the power of Twitter Ads to connect with the cannabis conversation and drive their business forward.”

According to Alianiello, Twitter has also added additional medical cannabis and adult use markets to the platform. Many restrictions still apply, most of which relate to the practice of making unproven or false medical claims.

Any advertisement for hemp and CBD content must not appeal to minors in design, landing pages must be age-locked, and sales must be age-verified; Not to use personalities, athletes, celebrities or images/symbols that are attractive to minors; not to use minors or pregnant women as models in the advertisement; It does not claim effectiveness or health benefits; not make false/misleading claims; not show depiction of cannabis product use; do not photograph people using or under the influence; and not encourage transportation across state lines.

Gradual relaxation of cannabis rules

Twitter announced big changes of the cannabis policy in February, saying it would allow THC, CBD, and similar ads in the United States

The changes were first reported by AdCann. “So far, only topical CBD brands have been allowed to advertise on the Twitter platform,” AdCann said. books on its website. “Going forward — the social network will allow the promotion of regulated THC and CBD-containing cannabis products, supplements, services, and more.”

Twitter posted the policy update on its site Drugs and tools for their manufacture and abuse A section of the website, which defines the process for advertisers who promote cannabis products.

Elon Musk has made drastic changes to the Twitter platform, notably removing the coveted blue checkmarks from verified accounts. Twitter Blue completely rewrote the system, instead allowing verified blue checkmarks for anyone willing to pay a small monthly fee.

This change caused an uproar among prominent Twitter users such as Stephen King, whose complaints about the unwanted blue checkmark led to a personal exchange with musk. LeBron James also announced that he refused to pay for the blue check mark but was granted it anyway.

One of Tucker Carlson Final interviews He was with Elon Musk, before he was unexpectedly reported by Fox News despite being one of the platform’s biggest stars. In the interview, when confronted about the billions of dollars worth of depreciation on Twitter, Musk said there were “some things money can’t buy”.

Time will tell if the new changes to THC and CBD advertising remain in place.

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