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The argument that growing cannabis is your birthright as a human being

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Growing cannabis is your birthright as a human being…

As an earth-born species, humans have existed alongside plants, animals, and the ecosystem as a whole for millions of years. We have evolved along with the natural world, and with this evolution comes a sacred right to grow any plant we want. Hemp, like any other plant, has been used by humans for thousands of years for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes.

Preventing anyone from growing hemp or any other plant is a violation of our fundamental right as individuals and as part of the Earth’s ecosystem. The idea that government or some other authority can dictate what we are and are not allowed to cultivate is absurd. It is a direct attack on our relationship with the natural world and our ability to exercise our inherent freedoms.

Unfortunately, many legalization schemes still contain provisions that prohibit individuals from growing their own cannabis.

Recently, the Quebec Supreme Court upheld a home growing ban, denying individuals the ability to exercise their fundamental right to grow their own cannabis. This is a prime example of how bans continue to limit our freedoms and limit our relationship with nature. There are many other countries that legalize cannabis without giving the individual the right to grow.

And that’s exactly what we’re writing about today – your rights!

It’s time for us to recognize the absurdity of these laws and fight for our right to grow and use cannabis as we see fit. It is our inherent right as part of the natural world to cultivate and use plants, and any attempt to restrict or prohibit this right is a direct infringement of our fundamental freedoms. Hell, that goes for all subjects, too.

We must continue to push for the legalization and normalization of cannabis use, including the right to grow our own plants. In doing so, we can restore our connection to the natural world and assert our natural right to live as free individuals. It is time for us to stand up for our rights and fight the absurdity of the ban.

Recent ruling by the supreme court of canada upholds quebec’s ban on Domestic hemp plants It raises concerns about the government’s use of “the law” to “protect” people based on their perception of threat. The Quebec government argues that its ban on the cultivation of cannabis for personal use is intended to protect the health and safety of Quebecers. However, federal law allows people to grow up to four cannabis plants at home, which raises questions about the discrepancy between federal and provincial laws.

The ruling notes that the provincial law aligns well with the overall goals of federal law, which include protecting the health and security of the public and steering users away from the black market. However, the notion that banning the personal cultivation of cannabis can protect public health is based on a faulty premise.

It is based on the premise that “cannabis is dangerous.” A lie that has been repeated for decades while the same entities that are supposed to “protect” us continue to allow alcohol to be sold anywhere and at all times. They allowed the sale and promotion of tobacco for a while.

As for the lie of the prohibition, it is the origin of the ruling. Protecting society from hemp, when in reality most people who grow wouldn’t want to sell their weed to children. People will grow on their own.

The court decision indicates that Quebec law is intended to direct consumers to a controlled source of supply, paving the way for the creation of the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), the government agency that operates cannabis stores in the province.

Which she openly admitted – the attempt to use the state to monopolize production. However, this has been protocol in the province, but it is a great example of how these systems of government work to maintain control of our earthly freedoms.

The topic of growing cannabis at home has been a point of contention in many countries around the world. Governments often seek to ban it, but there are several key benefits that are often overlooked.

One of the most important benefits of home farming is its ability to reduce black market activity. When hemp is legal, but home cultivation is not, it forces consumers to buy cannabis on unregulated black markets.

This is especially true in high tax places like California. This undermines the legal industry and fuels the black market.

The whole problem with legalization is to take the power away from the cartels, but if you keep it illegal with high taxes – people will continue to shop where they can get the most value for their money. Especially in a world where a full tank of gas is a sign of wealth.

Another overlooked benefit is the potential for home transplantation to create cost-effective medical options for people on low incomes

Medical cannabis can be a vital treatment option, but the cost of purchasing it from licensed producers can be prohibitive. Allowing individuals to grow their own cannabis for medical purposes could provide a lower-cost alternative to those who may not be able to afford licensed products, ensuring that everyone has access to the medicines they need, regardless of their income.

In addition, home farming can foster an educated society.

By allowing individuals to grow their own cannabis, governments can help increase awareness and understanding of the plant and its effects.

This can reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis use and promote responsible consumption practices. Moreover, home cultivation provides an opportunity for individuals to experiment with different strains and cultivation techniques, which can lead to a deeper understanding of the plant and its many uses.

Home farming can also enhance sustainability.

Growing your own cannabis can reduce reliance on energy-intensive commercial farming processes, which can have significant environmental impacts. Especially in a world where “climate change” is so intensely a point of focus.

Home farming provides an opportunity for individuals to experiment with organic and sustainable farming methods, which can reduce the environmental impact of hemp cultivation. They can grow seasonally, and sell at farmers’ markets, which are still taxable if they want to suck money out of the community.

Finally, home farming promotes individual freedom and independence.

The right to grow cannabis is a fundamental right, and denying individuals this right is a violation of their basic freedoms.

Imagine a community of individuals who understand delayed gratification as they extract their own herbs. A community of patient people, who take care of the earth which in turn takes care of them.

Growing cannabis is a pseudo-spiritual experience, ask any grower.

You become “in love” with them, and understand the dynamic of nature itself. you call.

You realize that with enough freedom, you can grow your own food, look after your own needs – you don’t even need a government… oh… that’s why it’s illegal!

Cannabis cultivation rights, read on…

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