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A survey that explores consumer attitudes in New Jersey, habits of the year in launching the market

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Stockton University has released the results of a New survey from 660 New Jersey residents on April 25, 2023, to explore consumer attitudes and actions as the market continues to take shape. Stockton University students sent text messages to cell phones with invitations to take the online survey, with Opinion’s services completing the communication portion of the fieldwork to cell phones and landlines. Polling took place April 1-14, 2023.

Meet the Cannabis Consumer in New Jersey

The survey explored a number of issues surrounding cannabis, including consumers’ general shopping habits, attitudes and behaviors in the year since the market was launched. According to the survey, about a third New Jersey Adults have used cannabis or cannabis products since the legalization of recreational cannabis, and most users said they were happy with the legal weed dispensary’s patronage.

Among legal cannabis consumers, 47% said they used it for recreational purposes and 39% said they used it for medicinal and recreational purposes, while only 13% used it for medicinal purposes. Although boasting of some of the The highest prices in the country69% of users purchased products from a licensed cannabis dispensary, and 86% reported that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the experience.

Expanding on the widely reported satisfactory dispensary experience, 43% of consumers said they appreciated knowing the products were safe and 23% said they liked the quality. Only 7% of respondents agreed with cannabis prices in New Jersey.

Given the large pictures of cannabis, the majority of respondents (53%) supported having dispensaries in their town selling recreational cannabis (39% opposed). When asked about the possibility of adding cannabis to the hospitality industry in New Jersey, with offerings like cannabis-infused restaurants, consumption lounges and more, it was evenly split, with 48% in support and 45% opposed.

While in the minority, the survey also explored the habits and attitudes of residents and consumers who had not yet embraced the legal marketplace. When asked why they have no Visiting a legal dispensary By far, the most common reason among respondents (30%) was the lack of a dispensary nearby. There are currently 24 retail stores across the state.

Other reasons included a preference for products sold elsewhere (13%) and overhead cost (11%). Twenty-seven percent of the respondents indicated “another reason”. In addition, 30% of respondents admitted that they had purchased cannabis or cannabis products from unlicensed individual sellers in the past year.

The survey also provides some demographic insights into cannabis users in New Jersey. Men (37%) were more likely than women (28%) to have consumed cannabis, and people under the age of 50 were more likely to have consumed cannabis in the past year. Specifically, 43% of 18-29-year-olds and 41% 30-49-year-olds consumed cannabis, while only 17% of older adults did the same, with half strictly using cannabis for medical purposes.

Blacks had the highest incidence of cannabis use (39%), followed by whites (33%) and Hispanic/Latino respondents (29%), and there were no differences in use between different regions of the state and those with or without college. degree. Democrats were also more likely (38%) to use cannabis than Republicans (24%) or Independents (32%).

Although it’s still early days, and a year offers only so much information, the results highlight some of the challenges facing New Jersey’s legal cannabis industry so far, along with the demand for cannabis in the state. Although prices may be high and access to dispensaries remains an issue, it appears that consumers are generally still willing to travel and pay for safe, high-quality products.

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