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Moxie: A California legacy with a history of quality

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As cannabis policy reform measures continue across the country, nearly half of the states in the country have legalized recreational marijuana. With each new state comes new opportunities that have spawned thousands of cannabis operators from coast to coast. But with so many brands, consumers can find it difficult to choose new cannabis products with confidence.

Choosing products from a company with a solid history can be one way to navigate through all of the brands in your local dispensary. In the four states with legal weed, consumers find california-based Moxy Fits the bill as a company with roots in the vintage market that combines the best genetics with innovative processes to create products that have won more than 100 of the cannabis industry’s coveted awards, including dozens of High Times Cannabis Cup Awards.

Since founding the company nearly a decade ago, Moxie has prided itself on producing potent and flavorful concentrates suited to the most discerning connoisseur of cannabis. This reputation continues today with their extensive line of cannabis flowers drawn from the finest quality. Using pharmaceutical technology and strict safety standards in their cultivation facilities, Moxie provides customers with high-quality recreational and medical marijuana products from its library of hundreds of cannabis varieties.

Moxie was founded in California in 2014, even before recreational marijuana was legalized in the state. Operating under Proposition 215, a groundbreaking ballot measure that would legalize medical marijuana in 1996, Moxie’s founders set out to make industry-leading concentrates to provide medical cannabis patients with effective and enjoyable formulations. Just a year later, the company took advantage of the growing medical cannabis environment and became a multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) with expansion into the medical marijuana markets of Michigan and Nevada in 2016.

That same year, California voters took the next step in ending cannabis prohibition with the passage of Proposition 64, the ballot initiative that legalized recreational marijuana in the Golden State. One year later, the company cemented its place in weed history as the first cannabis company to be licensed by regulators in California. Milestones continue to roll just one year later with the expansion into the medical marijuana market in Pennsylvania and the 2018 opening of one of the first grower/processor facilities in the state. In the same year, Moxie was recognized as Brand of the Year at the California Cannabis Association Awards.

Recognizing the need for a cannabis industry that goes light on the environment, Moxie launched the company’s sustainability efforts in 2020, pledging to be the first carbon-negative cannabis operator. In pursuit of the company’s sustainability goals, Moxie has overhauled its packaging by reducing the use of plastic and using FSC-certified paper, herbal paper labels, and chlorine-free dyes. In addition, Moxie’s indoor cannabis growing facilities are equipped with energy-efficient LED lights to increase efficiency, and the company works with waste management companies to convert production waste into energy.

Moxie and High Times

The next big step in Moxie’s history came in 2022 when Hightimes Holding Corporation was owner High timesAnd announce It has entered into an agreement to acquire Moxie’s operations in California. The acquisition gives High Times new cannabis cultivation and production capabilities to complement its existing portfolio of cannabis holdings in California, the largest legal marijuana market in the world, where it operates brand-name dispensaries and offers licensed cannabis products. The deal also makes High Times the most iconic brand in the Golden State with a vertically integrated cannabis operation.

Jordan Lams, CEO and founder, said of the agreement at the time. High Times shares this belief in the importance of caring for cannabis plants and we are very confident that all Moxie products will continue to be of the highest quality and maintain the trust of local governments and consumers. Our goal now is to continue to bring Moxie product to markets across the country and maintain best practices throughout. company level, while still recognizing each state’s unique qualities and preferences.”

Currently, Moxie can be found in four states – California, Missouri, Utah and Pennsylvania. The company’s genetics are grown and packaged as processed hemp flower, or processed into a variety of concentrates. Live resin and ketchup deliver dabs of superior strength and flavor, while vape carts and pods provide convenience. In addition to Moxie, the company’s family of brands includes MX, HighNow, and MX Sport, all of which are available at select licensed dispensaries.

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