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Maine is experiencing an “exodus” of marijuana medical care providers

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From the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2023, 1,350 Medicare providers licensed for marijuana In Maine they have left the industry, according to a new report on “exodus” by the state’s Office of Cannabis Policy.

The Portland Press Herald reported that including caregivers who entered the industry, the net loss was about 950 caregivers.


In Maine, a caregiver is defined as a person registered to provide MMJ products to medical cannabis patients.

Caregivers are a controversial topic in Maine because they are a major competitor to MMJ dispensaries.

In fact, the state was considered once oppression of caregivers.

According to state statistics, Maine had 2,070 caregivers as of March 31, down from 3,032 in 2021 and a peak of 3,257 in 2016, according to the Press Herald.

There are about 106,000 MMJ cardholders in Maine who are allowed to use marijuana for their treatment.

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