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Stoning dogs in New York

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Life isn’t easy for a poodle in the Big Apple. Just ask Bondi – she’s been on ER three times now for zap on sweet cheese. While its owner claims it is “accidental consumption,” one begins to wonder after the third event how casual it really is.

It’s not just Bondi – it’s part of a collection stoning dogs Roaming the streets of New York. You can see them wandering around aimlessly, tongues hanging loose, eyes glinting in blissful amazement. Some are accompanied by their human companions, while others roam freely, forming improvised packs and howling at the moon.

But where do these pups get their fix, you ask?

It’s no secret that New York is a haven for the green stuff, and with recent legalization of recreational marijuana, it’s even easier to get hold of. City parks and playgrounds have become a hotspot for recreational use, and it’s not uncommon to see a joint being passed between strangers while their dogs play together.

Some shooters simply get rid of crickets. And that’s where Bundy comes in – finding her fix like a villain.

But while it may seem harmless, there are concerns about the long-term effects of secondhand smoke on our furry friends. According to the ASPCA, dogs who are regularly exposed to marijuana smoke can experience lethargy, confusion, and even respiratory problems. But they don’t really have any studies to back that up.

Most of the longstanding claims about pets are purely speculative – there aren’t any real scientific papers on the subject. Regardless, for pet owners who aren’t familiar with cannabis – this shit terrifies them!

So, while Bondi thinks she’s living her best life, her owner may want to keep a close eye on her — or invest in some doggie treats. In fact, we’ll talk a little later about what you can do if you have a dog squashed on your hands.

As for the dogs confined to New York, they are just trying to find their place in an ever-changing world.

Who knows what the future holds for them – maybe they’ll start a revolution, or maybe they’ll bask in the sun all day. Either way, they’re living their best lives — isn’t that all there is to it?

But this isn’t a story about New York stone dogs, it’s a hard look at how the actions of some affect others and why being mindful is the best way forward.

While I may have taken some liberties when it comes to Bundy’s story – specifically regarding the poodle’s motives for levitation, the truth is that Bundy is a real dog.

I read about it on file Fox News article which reported on the spread of cannabis in New York and accidental exposure to animals.

So you don’t have to read Fox, here’s a summary of the article;

Bondi, an 8-month-old poodle, was taken to the vet after his owner, Colin Briggs, noticed he was stumbling and could barely stand. Soon the vet made a diagnosis: Bundy had ingested marijuana.

In places like New York City, where the first legal recreational dispensary opened last year, users can smoke marijuana in the open, leading to more dogs swallowing joints and discarded food. This has sparked concern among veterinarians and pet owners, who blame the sharp rise in poisonings on smokers who don’t realize the damage they can cause by littering.

Cases of marijuana poisoning, which is almost never fatal, were rare among pets, even as medical dispensaries began to open, according to Dr. Amy Atas, a New York City veterinarian.

Until recently, a lot happened at home when Pets entered the lairs of their owners. However, in the first three months of the year, Attas has already seen six cases, the same number she has treated over the past three decades. Multiply that by a number Veterinarians working in New York CityShe said, and the result confirms the breadth of the problem.

Twenty-one states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, and in big metropolitan areas like New York, a whiff of pot in public is inevitable. In many cases, owners are not aware that their dogs have eaten the remains of the joint until they begin to show signs of toxicity. Even then, owners may not understand what is hurting their pets.

Although dogs rarely die from marijuana poisoning, treatment can be expensive, sometimes requiring a trip to the animal emergency room, a stomach pump, and intravenous fluids. His owner, Briggs, said Bundy was poisoned three times, the first time last fall.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said cases of marijuana poisoning in pets are on the rise across the country. Last year, there was an 11% increase from about 6,200 cases reported in 2021, and over the past five years, there has been a 300% increase. “To me, it’s unbelievable how prevalent this is now,” said Attas.

Pet owners need to be vigilant when walking their dogs in areas where marijuana use is legal, especially in big cities like New York where littering is common.

They should keep their pets on shorter leashes and pay close attention to what their pets sniff and eat. Owners should also be aware of the signs of marijuana intoxication, which can include lethargy, vomiting, tremors, and loss of coordination.

If they suspect their pet has ingested marijuana, they should seek immediate veterinary care.

This highlights the importance of presence Familiar with the risks that marijuana poses to pets and the need for responsible use and disposal of marijuana products. It’s also a reminder to pet owners to be aware of their pets’ safety when walking them in areas where marijuana use is legal.

The fox’s obviously all about things paints cannabis in a more negative light. For some reason, conservatives simply can’t handle the whole “cannabis” thing. However, it does represent a particular demographic and it is important that stoners act accordingly to ensure that we can all enjoy our social space together.

When it comes to smoking weed in public, there are some unwritten rules that all stoners must follow. These are commonly known as “stoner street etiquette”. While these rules may not be written down anywhere, they are important to making sure that everyone can enjoy weed without causing problems for others.

One of the most important rules of etiquette on the street is not to throw cockroaches. Roaches are the leftover ends of joints or ridges that are often discarded after they have been smoked. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it can also be dangerous for dogs who may eat it and get sick. In addition, cockroaches can be unsightly and dirty, and can pose a danger to children who may accidentally pick them up and smoke them. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of cockroaches properly by placing them in the trash can or ashtray.

Another basic rule of street etiquette is to be aware of your surroundings. This means not smoking in places where it may be inappropriate or where you could disturb others. For example, it is generally not a good idea to smoke near playgrounds, schools, or other places where children may be. In addition, be respectful of those around you who may not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke. It’s always a good idea to ask those around you if they mind before you light it up.

Finally, it is important to be careful when smoking in public. While it is legal to smoke in some areas, there are still many places where smoking is not permitted. Be aware of local laws and regulations, and don’t smoke where it is prohibited. In addition, it is important to keep smoking tools and accessories hidden, so as not to draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Stoner street etiquette is an important set of rules that all stoners must follow.

By being aware of your surroundings, getting rid of cockroaches properly, and being discreet, you can help ensure that everyone can enjoy their lawn without causing any problems for others.

Perhaps, be a little vigilant when you smoke and it may not affect others.

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