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Guitar legend Carlos Santana expands cannabis brand

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In this week’s cannabis roundup, Carlos Santana’s Mirayo by Santana is adding to its product offering; Texas inches are closest to one decimal point. A federally funded twin study finds lower rates of alcohol use disorder in cannabis-legal states, and a new report reveals that 42% of adults in the United States have used cannabis and are likely to continue to do so.

Photo submitted by Miraio from Santana

Guitar legend Carlos Santana’s Mirayo brand has launched a new range of chewing gum

California-based cannabis brand The Parent Company has unveiled an expansion of Mirayo by Santana, the brand developed in collaboration with famed musician Carlos Santana. the New line of chewing gum Each contains 10 mg of solvent-free rosin in three enticing Latin-inspired flavors: prickly pear, guava and raspberry.

Mirayu candies are made using natural ingredients, providing a powerful and enjoyable experience for consumers. The new gum was shaped as a tribute to the Sacred Heart, a symbol that represents the deep connection between human love and divine love – a concept that holds great significance for Santana. The bond between human and divine love is a profound idea that holds great significance for Santana. The name “Mirayo” pays homage to Santana’s heritage and carries the intention of empowering individuals to “pursue their own shining”. It is derived from the amalgamation of “my” and “ray” in Spanish, symbolizing personal connection and embracing the light within each person.

“Miraio is a celebration of the human spirit,” Santana said in a press release. A call to embrace unity, harmony, and unity. Through cannabis, I found a tool that enhances spiritual connection and brings awareness to the divine light within. With the help of our friends at The Parent Company, we hope to inspire evolution and empower people to reveal their highest potential. Together, we can lift our minds and turn pain into joy. ”

Mirayo by Santana is available at all parent company retail locations.

Summer Woods photo

Cannabis penalty reduction bill passes the Texas House of Representatives

Texas is getting closer to decriminalizing cannabis. Texas House Bill 218, currently advancing through the state legislature, aims to reduce penalties associated with cannabis possession in the Lone Star State.

This bill, which has already been approved in the Texas House of Representatives, is expected to have a significant and immediate impact on the justice system. It specifically reduces penalties for possession of one ounce or less of cannabis. Notably, the bill directs law enforcement officers to refrain from making arrests for possession and establishes a procedure for striking off prior cannabis charges. Under HB 218, if a person is found to have up to one ounce of cannabis in Texas, it is considered a serious offense and not an arrestable offense. In addition, a fine of up to $500 can be imposed.

“Spend money where it needs to be spent” lawyer Thad Davidson said. “Use resources where they need to be used, and skip the rest. This is one of those things that can be skipped.”

Data from NORML reveals that in 2021 alone, more than 20,000 people were arrested in Texas for cannabis possession. The bill’s journey into law requires approval in the Senate as well as the signature of Governor Greg Abbott.

Lucas photo

A federally funded twin study found lower rates of alcohol use disorder in cannabis-legal states

If you live in an adult state of use, you’re likely to have a lower risk of developing an alcohol use disorder (AUD), according to a new report. Federally funded study From researchers at the University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota, the peer-reviewed study published last week in the journal Psychiatry.

240 pairs of twins were observed, one in the legal market and the other in the other. The researchers discovered that overall alcohol consumption was not significantly different. Twins living in cannabis-legal states were “less at risk while under the influence of alcohol” than twins living in a state where cannabis remained banned.

“Recreational legalization was associated with increased cannabis use and decreased symptoms of AUD but was not associated with other maladjustments,” the researchers wrote. “We generated evidence suggesting that legalizing cannabis results in a 0.11 standard deviation increase in cannabis frequency, while a 0.11 standard deviation decrease in AUD symptoms is driven by reductions in alcohol use when physically hazardous.”

Image provided by New Frontier Data

The power of medical cannabis to change public perceptions

New Frontier Data has released a comprehensive report summarizing the results of a recent survey of more than 4,300 adult cannabis consumers. The survey explored various aspects such as consumption patterns, purchasing behavior, product preferences, expenditures, and beliefs about cannabis. In addition, the study also collected insights from more than 1,100 non-consumers regarding their potential use and perceptions of cannabis.

titled Cannabis Consumers in America 2023 Part 1: An overview of consumers todayThe report reveals that 42% of adults in the United States have used cannabis and are likely to continue to do so. Moreover, it highlights that 37% of adults in the United States qualify as “current consumers,” meaning they consume cannabis at least once a year and plan to use it in the future.

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