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Judgment of the grandmother who supplied the Cannabutter in Australia

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A grandmother in Australia found therapeutic benefits with her cannabis-infused butter, but it backfired when her teenage grandson used it to bake cookies and share them at school.

Pam Annette Bickerton, 74, was sentenced on May 4 after her teenage grandson used cannabis-infused butter to bake cookies and share them with classmates at school in South Australia.

the Adelaide Advertiser reports That Bickerton made cannabis-infused butter to control her sleep disturbance, and that it worked, the jury heard in a hearing on April 19.

Bickerton says she was halfway asleep when her unnamed teenage grandson asked if he could use some cannabis. “I’m still in a pinch and unfortunately…she said ‘do it – just make sure you clean up afterward,'” her lawyer said He said In court.

When police responded to the incident and reached Bickerton’s home in the weeks that followed, she admitted she still had three bags of cannabis in her freezer and two that were seized on the spot.

However, Judge Justin Wickens was not impressed with the defense, saying that Bickerton should have known better.

Police learned of an allegation that a student was selling cannabis-laced cakes in [the school after the students] presented in the patient bay showing symptoms consistent with cannabis consumption,” Judge Justin Wickens said He said. The police spoke to two of the students who said this [another student] He was serving donuts covered in cannabis.”

The judge asked her to consider the weight of her alleged crime. “This is a very serious crime and supplying drugs to minors is a very serious crime,” he said.

Bickerton pleaded guilty to one count of supplying or administering a controlled drug to a child before appearing in the Adelaide Magistrates’ Court.

The great-grandmother was sentenced on Thursday. Bickerton faced a sentence of 3.5 years behind bars, but fell in favor of pleading guilty and obtaining a good behavior bond.

Her eldest grandson has not been charged for distributing the cupcakes.

Cannabis reform in Australia

Medical cannabis is legal throughout Australia with a prescription and under certain restrictions. Hemp is a Scheduled Substance in the province, regulated by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Cannabis reform for adult use in Australia continues to move forward. a Modern report Australia plans to legalize cannabis within the next few years.

the Australian Parliamentary Budget Office The PBO recently issued a proposal that explores two options for how to approach the legalization of cannabis. He was commissioned to explore what legalization could look like through an application Senator David Shoebridge and the Australian Green PartyAlso referred to as greens.

According to the PBO report, the first option is to create the National Cannabis Agency (CANA), which would act as the sole wholesaler between producers and retailers, setting wholesale prices for cannabis, and issuing licenses to potential cannabis business owners. The second option contains all the provisions from the first option, except for the final recommendation, which would change the excise tax to 15% instead of 25%.

Grandmothers and satiated eaters

Another grandmother made headlines for helping patients eat cannabis-infused foods. Mary Jane RathboneNicknamed “Brownie Mary,” he helped people with HIV and chemotherapy by eating cannabis. At its peak, Rathbone was baking 600 candy bars a week at $20 a dozen.

It also helped decriminalize cannabis as well. In 1992, Mary testified before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors about the benefits of cannabis, which led to a decision to make possession of medical cannabis a “low priority” in arrests and prosecutions.

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