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Maine lawmakers reject Interstate Marijuana Trade Law Commission

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A Maine legislative committee has rejected a bill that would have allowed the governor to enter into agreements with other legal marijuana states to allow interstate trade in cannabis once federal policy changes.

The Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs adopted the legislation from Rep. Joseph Perry (D), but members voted unanimously on a motion not to pass it.

However, the chairman stressed that cross-border trade and other cannabis issues that the committee stalled at hearing could still advance as part of a separate avenue as lawmakers continue to work throughout the summer, saying that “the topic is not off the radar.”

As introduced last month, the measure would have simply allowed the governor to enter into agreements with other states to allow the import and export of marijuana between compliant jurisdictions. Al-Rahi sought to amend the bill to give the governor a mandate to enter into those agreements, but the committee took no action on the proposed revision.

The text of the legislation states that the governor may “enter into one or more agreements with one or more states permitting commercial cannabis activity in that state through an out-of-state cannabis business or authorizing commercial advertising in Maine.”

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