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Missouri’s marijuana industry is backing away from proposed classification and video surveillance rules

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“Down the beer aisle, these craft beers offer these cool, interesting designs. The colors are appealing to everyone, not just kids.”

By Rebecca Rivas, Missouri Independent

The Missouri Constitution states that labels and packaging of marijuana-related products “shall not be attractive to children.”

That’s why state regulators suggest requiring “normal or uniform labeling,” similar to those for cigarettes or drugs, said Amy Moore, director of Missouri cannabis regulation under the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

During a hearing Monday with the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, Moore said studies show that plain packaging “increases interest and perceptions of harm and decreases social attractiveness” among teens.

However, the rule is strongly opposed by the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association, which represents cannabis professionals, which says it would be “unnecessarily onerous” and not unreasonable to require companies to create new labels.

“At the bottom of the beer aisle, these craft breweries offer these cool, fun designs,” said Eric Walter, the association’s attorney. “The colors are appealing to everyone, not just kids.”

The label change isn’t a surprise to the companies, Moore said, because DHSS has already told them there will be changes to labeling regulations once the constitutional amendment legalizes entertainment.

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