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Cannabis sales in Missouri top one billion dollars

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Missouri has a new multi-billion dollar industry.

Cumulative marijuana sales reportedly passed that lofty threshold in the Show Me State earlier this month, just three months after the adult marijuana market launched there, and nearly three years after medical cannabis was made legal in Missouri.

Local news station KOMU reports that “Missouri crossed $1 billion in legal cannabis sales on May 2,” an impressive feat driven by strong sales of recreational pots.

According to the station, in the three months since the state’s recreational cannabis market launched on February 3, “Missouri has sold $350.2 million, including $256.2 million of adult cannabis and $94 million of medical marijuana.”

Medical cannabis sales began in Missouri in October of 2020.

For comparison, Illinois, which has twice the population of Missouri, sold a total of $188.1 million in the first three months of adult use sales from January to March 2020. I mentioned the station.

Early returns have been promising After launching the state’s recreational cannabis industry in early February.

In that first month, Missouri dispensaries have raised over $100 million in marijuana sales, with $72 million coming from recreational cannabis sales and $31 million coming from medical cannabis.

The inaugural month of regulated adult-use cannabis sales in the state has surpassed the launch of recreational pot sales in neighboring Illinois in 2020, said Andrew Mullins, executive director of the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association (MOCann).

“That’s more than double what Illinois did in a state with twice the population,” Andrew Mullins, executive director of the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association, said at the time. “So it really shows the interest and excitement for the new adult use industry in Missouri.”

“It’s the people of Kana who might decide to come to Missouri to access and use cannabis,” Mullins added. “This also appears to be affecting the amount of sales that Missouri is seeing.”

Mullins sang a similar tune in L’s comments Como this week.

“Missouri’s newest billion-dollar industry is seeing huge job growth, providing great products and services to Missourians, and becoming an integral part of the local economy across the state,” said Mullins. According to what was reported by the news station. “Missouri has avoided many of the early hiccups other states have experienced transitioning from a medical cannabis program that focuses on quality, affordability, access and choice. Missouri’s cannabis program could not have gotten off to a better start. A big thank you to all patients, customers and business owners The little ones who helped Missouri reach this amazing milestone.”

Missouri voters last year approved Amendment 3, which legalized recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older in the state.

The amendment passed by a vote of 53% to 47%.

According to KOMUThe state has now surpassed 14,800 direct jobs in the state [cannabis] industry, and early indications are that these jobs pay higher than cannabis jobs in many other states.”

The new law also overturned thousands of previous pot-related convictions in the state.

the Riverfront Times reported in March Most of the convictions have been expunged to date [were] Misdemeanours.” At the time, the paper reported, courts in the state had “awarded 6,121 expungements for misdemeanors related to nonviolent cannabis offenses that did not involve sale to minors or driving under the influence,” while more than 1,200 “criminal convictions were also erased.”

FOX4 local news station reports that as of this week, “more than 31,000 previous marijuana convictions have been expunged.”

“Part of the 6% sales tax buyers pay on marijuana sales money that adults use for automatic exclusions. The state believes the number of deleted cases will rise rapidly in the coming months.” reports.

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