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Colombian House of Representatives passes bill legalizing cannabis

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On May 8, the Colombian Chamber of Deputies passed a bill legalizing cannabis. In the sixth of eight debates, the bill passed by a vote of 98-57. In Colombia, legislative acts Eight discussions are requiredAnd, in the last discussion, it is Need 95 votes Move forward.

Representative Juan Carlos Losada Vargas, who is also the bill’s sponsor, shared the news on Twitter on May 9 “#HISTÓRICO approved by 98 votes our project #CannabisDeUsoAdulto in the 6th debate. Today @CamaraColombia shows that we are a country that wants to change a failed drug ban policy to one based on prevention and public health,” Vargas wrote on Twitter.

The bill would create a regulatory framework for legal cannabis for adults as well as for scientific purposes. “The purpose of this legislative bill is to allow for the settlement of cannabis use by adults, as well as to standardize existing regulations regarding the use of cannabis for scientific use, as long as the specified requirements are met,” Translated excerpt from the text of the bill. “The foregoing in order to recognize and guarantee the basic rights to equality and free development of the personality, to unify the constitutional, legal and jurisprudential references in this regard, and to propose a different strategy to combat the illegal trade in cannabis, as a means to reduce violence in the country.”

The bill also supports the creation of public education campaigns and programs on drug abuse.

Vargas Publishing Editorial cut in late March and April where he discussed the history of cannabis efforts in Colombia and how proper regulation would save lives. Five years ago, when we first brought the cannabis debate to Congress, we were pretty sure that in a legislature with a conservative majority, it would have been nearly impossible to pass a bill of this nature; However, coinciding with certain defeat, we have always had the conviction that our project will one day pass—sooner rather than later—” Vargas Books in March. “Well, looks like that day has come.”

in AprilThe House of Representatives has debated cannabis on five occasions. “The passage of five debates shows that this Congress, bolstered by the will of the millions of Colombians who went to the polls, shows that it is ready to take a step towards a new drug policy that abandons the failed prohibition model and opens the door to a policy guided by public health guidelines, the prevention of consumption and the guarantee of citizens’ rights” , Vargas wrote in April. “We are so far from beginning to write a new history in the fight against drugs, at this point it is a matter of political will. Every vote is decisive.”

The bill now moves to Senate To consider the last two discussions. If approved, it will be sent to Colombian President Gustavo Petro.

In the past, Petro has affirmed its support and interest in ending the War on Drugs. Last year he explained how he would fight to allow the Colombian people to live in peace. In November, Petro met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to discuss “geopolitical, commercial, cultural and development cooperation”. In a joint statement they announced their goal for change. In their speech, the two presidents said: “Recognizing the failure of the fight against drugs and the vulnerability of our peoples in the face of this problem, Mexico and Colombia will convene an international conference of Latin American leaders with the aim of redesigning and rethinking drug policy.” statement.

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