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Mother’s Day 2023 gift guide

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This Mother’s Day, we celebrate with a ritual act. Why? Because motherhood is full of them. From blessing ceremonies and baby showers to childbirth exercises to postpartum recovery, the ways women prepare for motherhood are sacred. Rituals continue as our children grow up and we share family traditions from previous generations, or we may create new habits taken from other cultures and ideologies that may closely resonate. No matter what kinds of rituals you may engage in, one thing is certain: Mothers deserve to be honored and celebrated.

This carefully curated Mother’s Day gift guide features several brands owned by both women and moms. We hope this help inspires you to treat your mom to some special goods that will surely elevate all kinds of self-care rituals in her life — from peaceful walks with the dog to relaxing baths and skin care regimens to treasured smoking sessions. Help the mom in your life feel the love this Mother’s Day and every day.

Image courtesy of Rogue Paq

Rogue Pak Ritual Case / From $215

Stylish moms on the go who value form and function are sure to add Rogue Pak Ritual Case to their wish lists. Say goodbye to your pencil case and get a serious upgrade with the Leather or Lambskin Leather versions. Founder Jessica Cadmus is a New York City-based wardrobe designer and personal shopper determined to provide women with more sophisticated and discreet options for carrying their cannabis goods.

Each ritual bag is made with hand selected premium materials and hardware. Designed with care, these carriers are as functional as they are stylish, with features like water and odor resistant interior pockets; and internal quick-access elastic bands for scissors, broth, detergent, pens and cords. Now you can easily find the various articles for your smoking ritual from the depths of your bag – and look good while doing it.

“Join Paq and elevate your ritual.”

Image courtesy of Her Highness

Her Highness: Get lit Kate / $75

Get Lit collection from Her Highness It is for all the glamorous girls whose style may not be quite as conservative. With a chic gold snake grinder, bright red lipped ashtray, and gold refillable butane lighter, this gift set is for the mom in your life who wants to feel (and look) like a queen. This set you’ll likely want to stock up on at home – surprise guests when you pull it out, or simply keep it on display. Also based in New York City, HH’s founders tap into the fun and playful elements of cannabis consumption—a ritual that should be celebrated and proud of.

“Everything we put Her Highness’ name on follows our mission to bring happiness and wellness to your body, mind, and everyday life.”

Image courtesy of Summerland

Summerland ceramic bong / from $195

The Summerland Ceramic Bong is perfect for those with a minimalist style. Constructed in small batches in Northern California, these vessels are truly works of art. We love the organic nature of these “stoneware” reminiscent of ancient, simpler times. When not in use, these stoppers blend into the environment and could easily be mistaken for a sculpture or vase. The makers of Summerland value the rituals inherent in cannabis as much as they build them, and they want you to, too.

“Our pieces are designed according to a ritual connection with nature, from the earth itself. Sustainability, function and form are our equivalents, and we settle for nothing less.”

Image courtesy of Ally

Lockable storage box / $85

Now that you’ve upgraded your smoking ritual, keep the good stuff safely stored away from kids. Ally Storage Box was founded by two moms who wanted to give people a way to consume cannabis responsibly in their own homes, without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics. This versatile lockable storage box is stylish, discreet, and completely unpretentious. It’s stackable, locks in odor and is fridge and freezer safe. This makes a practical and thoughtful gift that mom can enjoy using every day and rest easy knowing the little ones won’t sneak into her stash when she’s not around.

“With Ally, you can feel good about safely storing your life’s medication, whatever that may be.”

Image provided by Cannabombz

Cannabombz bath bombs / $13

A long, relaxing bath might be the perfect way to treat yourself — especially when it includes powerful CBD bath bombs. Lindsey Corum, owner of Cannabombz, is a mom and can fully appreciate the need to unwind. Taking the time to recharge your batteries is crucial in order to show up to your kids and be the best parent, right?! Easier said than done, but these 100mg CBD bath bombs will give you an excuse to hide in the shower for a little while longer.

All Cannabombz bath bombs are made with organic, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients that are gentle and safe on skin. The bath bombs are even covered in trimmings from Corum’s organically grown garden.

While soaking up the benefits in the tub, consider adjusting Corum’s The Cannamoms podcastwhich works to break the stigma of parenting and cannabis. The series features in-depth conversations and exciting information in a judgment-free space with moms and other women who love cannabis.

“Our promise: To provide natural pain relievers with high amounts of magnesium at a low price. Cannabombz is a company owned and operated by women that changes our lives every day.”

Image courtesy of Dash Hemp

Robe Spa Dash Hem / $99

Maybe showering and getting ready every day is the alone time you would like. Take it up a notch with this luxurious robe you won’t want to take off. The all-season Hemp Spa Robe from Dash Hemp by Santa Cruz is crafted in a medium-weight, low-loop French terry in a thirst-quenching blend of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. The soft, absorbent material will keep you dry and comfortable as you start your skincare ritual, morning routine, or just relax. A quality robe should be hanging in everyone’s closet, so if the mom in your life isn’t around, this is a gift you know she’ll love and use. It’s better for her and the planet.

“Dash Hemp clothes are remarkably comfortable…it always feels like on the first try. Our clothes are transformative.”

Anne Marie CBD Serum
Image provided by Annemarie x Ojai Energetics

Annemarie X Ojai Energetics Activated CBD Serum / $140

Skincare rituals that give mom that beautiful glow are an easy way to show her some love. the Activated CBD Serum Made with a blend of Ojai Energetics’ patented water-soluble CBD technology and signature Annmarie Skin Care ingredients.

The serum is packed with high-performance seed oils, antioxidant-rich botanicals, and synergistic plant stem cells to help support healthy skin. Add CBD, and it’s perfect for aging skin, as its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritation and contribute to a more even skin tone. With powerful antioxidant properties, CBD also helps ward off wrinkles and fine lines. This all natural line truly harnesses the power of Mother Nature. Available in trial and full sizes.

“The experience with our invigorating CBD serum is unique and powerful. You take a deep breath as you feel your skin imbibe in the rich hydration of your serum. You are now connected to ancient wisdom—to the moms, lovers, and friends who laughed, worked, and shared life with you. Everyone who shares intuitive knowledge of the full-body magic of the cannabis plant” .

Braided hemp leash (left) and dog leash (right). Image courtesy of Wiggywoos

Wigglywoos Hemp Dog + Cat Leashes / $34

Walking is an easy way to get out, get some fresh air and engage all of the senses. A therapeutic way to reset and ground yourself, the walking routine has been around since the beginning of time. It can be my mom’s special time, where she takes a puff and soaks in the sounds of nature. And for all the fur moms out there, we know you take this time very seriously. If your partner or girlfriend is a dedicated cat or canine mom, consider enhancing her outings with these treats All-hemp braided leashes by WigglyWoos. Hemp is soft, strong and durable, making it the perfect fabric for leashes. Each leash is individually made, hand cut and leather. Plus, you can customize it with three different stylish colored trigger options and a wide range of hemp twine colors.

“Nature is the inspiration for our timeless designs and reliable technology. Whether you live in the urban downtown, by the sea, on a mountain, or in the suburbs, there’s nothing like the outdoors and your dog by your side.”

Image courtesy of Nancy Chains Jewelry

Nancy’s Self Care Nug Chains Keychain / $44

Nancy Chains jewelry embodies one’s love for cannabis by encasing tiny buds inside what she calls “stone stones.” These one-of-a-kind pieces are handcrafted in California from a tough, eco-friendly, and water-resistant exterior. Filled with meaning and intention, each piece will brighten your day.

This Mother’s Day, we recommend: Nug. Self Care Keychain, which can be used for your keys, or worn around your neck. With tiny cannabis-like buds inside, this piece serves as a constant reminder to carve out some “me time” from your day — no matter what.

“Every speck is special like a snowflake. Kind of like people… I had to find a way to capture that beauty.”

Image courtesy of Grön

Grown chocolate

Grön, Oregon’s premier chocolate food producer, is the perfect indulgence for mom. The first hemp chocolate brand to receive fair trade certification, you can rest assured they’re getting the good stuff. Enjoying some dark chocolate after dinner is an evening ritual shared by many women: a special treat after a long day that affirms that “yes, you deserve this.”

Founded in 2015 by Kristin Smith, a former architect and mother of two, Grön now offers a wide range of premium chocolate bars with various percentages of cannabis and interesting flavours. For the night we recommend Sleepy indica dark chocolate bar Topped with vanilla sea salt. Consisting of a 1:1:1 CBD/CBN/THC ratio, you can expect a full-body buzz and restful sleep. Whether it’s every night or just every now and then, nibbling on Grön Chocolate Bar is sure to become your new favorite ritual.

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